Australia university recruitment behind increase in immigrants

Success of Australia university recruitment programs behind increase in immigrants

The success of Australia university recruitment programs is the reason behind the increase in immigrants arriving at the nation. It has also resulted in increased rate of population growth with 1.6%. This is the fastest rate of growth in developed nations and more rapid than the majority of the Asian nations.

The rate of growth of population in Australia is more than twice that of the Canada and the US. It is also 8 times more than that of the growth of the EU.

Peter McDonald the Demographer at Melbourne University said that success of Australia university recruitment programs was responsible for the increase in growth rate of immigrants. He said that the arrival of overseas students in large numbers is chiefly behind the increase in growth rate of population, as quoted by the Australian.

Net immigration measured by the Australian Bureau of Statistics balances long-term departures and arrivals. This includes provisional workers, students, official immigration program immigrants and citizens of New Zealand.

The yearly inflow of immigrants has increased to 231, 000 to March 2017 when compared to 180, 000 in 2015. Out of this almost 40% arrivals were recorded in Q1-2017.

Peter McDonald the Demographer at Melbourne University explained that net immigration is a reflection of the policy of the government. It is set a little more than 200,000 permanent arrivals annually as of now.

The population growth of Victoria has been accentuated by the flow of interstate immigration. 18, 600 individuals immigrated to Victoria State in 2016 enhancing its population rate growth to 2.4%. It is the fastest in entire Australia. Victoria has displaced Queensland as the preferred state for interstate immigration.

Both South and Western Australia experienced a decrease in net interstate immigration. On the other hand, the movement of people to Queensland from NSW has increased mostly owing to increase in property rates in Sydney.

Professor McDonald said that this was prompted by youthful families moving to Southeast of the state instead of retirees moving to the north.

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