Studying in Australia and Job Prospects after you graduate

Study and work in Australia

Studying in Australia has picked up its pace after the corona pandemic. Many people from different countries want to go to Australia for their graduation and further studies. Some of them also have the option to get an occupation and settle in Australia with a PR visa.

Why study in Australia?

International students have told that education in Australia has become a great advantage for their careers. The students can gain skills, knowledge, qualification, contacts, experience, and many other things to become successful in their life.

Benefits of studying in Australia

Studying in Australia has many benefits which the international students can avail. These benefits are discussed here in detail.

· Global academic recognition

Australia is a popular country in terms of the availability of research institutions. Many academic programs of high quality are available in different fields like nursing, zoology, healthcare, wildlife, biology, mathematics, technology, engineering, etc.

· Choosing from a wide variety of subjects

Australia has 40 universities, and each of these educational institutions provides a choice of different subjects. Students, who study abroad, want to study in bigger universities as they have the option of choosing a subject from a wide variety available.

· Wide range of scholarship options

Australia provides a wide range of scholarship options which makes the education affordable for the internatiional students. The government of Australia sets $200 million aside for the students who come to Australia from abroad to study. Students need to enquire about the scholarships provided by the university that they are going to join.

· Study and work

International students will have the option to work while they are studying. They can opt for a part-time job on their student visa. This job will help them to reduce the price of studying in the country. Students can work for 40 hours every two weeks. The minimum wage is under $17 per hour. Students can manage different expenses through these jobs.

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· Post-study work visa benefits

Studying in Australia can help the students to get a post-study work visa. There is no need to apply for the visa, and students can work after completing their studies. They have the option to live in the country for two to five years.

· Popularity of the courses

Australia has 1,100 universities that provide around 22,000 courses. It has been estimated that many companies all around the world are keen to hire the students who have studied in Australia as the degrees are recognized all over the world.

· Chances of permanent residency in Australia

Australia has a SkillSelect visa points system in which students have to qualify for the Australian Meet Requirement to get additional points. These points will increase the chances for the students to become a permanent resident of Australia.

· Pleasant weather

The weather of the country is pleasant as the country has moderately warm weather to hot weather for the whole year. There are many beaches where tourists and students can enjoy picnics and outdoor games.

Job Prospects after you graduate in Australia

Graduate students can get different types of occupations in Australia in different fields like tutoring, office jobs, volunteering, hospitality, and many more. The table below will let you know about the salaries of of some of these occupations.

Job Description Average Salary (AUD)
Human Resource 51,000 to 90,000
Business Manager 65,000
Professional, Scientific and Technical Services 92,482
Engineering 60,100

Students need to get a new visa if they want to stay in Australia after completing their studies. In the case of Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees, the students will be eligible for Post-Study Work stream. That belongs to Temporary Graduate visa. If you get an occupation, your employer may sponsor you to get a new visa. You have to contact the human resource or recruitment team for getting the visa. If a candidate does not have any employer, he can go for Expression of Interest through Skillset. The salary will be a good source of return on investment for the students.

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Students like to study in Australia because of various benefits. They can study and work, avail scholarships, get occupations after completing their studies, can become a permanent resident, and many other benefits. The degrees of Australian universities are recognized all over the world so students can get a good occupation in any country and they will get a high salary. A student can get jobs in different fields like tutoring, volunteering, office jobs, hospitality, etc.

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