Steve Baxter identifies radical solution for Australia Tech skills shortages

Steve Baxter identifies radical solution for Australia Tech skills shortages-1

Steve Baxter the chief entrepreneur of Queensland has identified a radical solution for Australia Tech skills shortages. This is with respect to current issues around 457 visas and shortages of tech skills. He said that the radical solution was given by Mike Cannon-Brookes the Co-founder of Atlassian way back in 2015.

Baxter said that the fix for Australia Tech skills shortages was given by Cannon-Brookes over a dinner meeting with Andrew Robb the former Trade Minister. They were discussing inbound investment visas for Australia, as quoted by the Smart Company.

Mike Cannon-Brookes then told the Minister that first Top 50 global universities must be chosen. Then the graduates at these universities must be said that if they possess adequate grades then can come to Australia. Baxter said that he agrees with Cannon-Brookes that something radical like this is needed now.

The chief entrepreneur of Queensland said that Australia must declare that it is open for business. It must also get innovative in terms of attracting overseas talents, added Baxter. The government must adopt enhanced aggressive and radical measures to appeal to the best global talents, added the entrepreneur.

The views expressed by Cannon-Brookes and Baxter reflect the opinion of other Startup founders in Australia as well. They have said that existing issues regarding attracting skilled overseas workers and talent acquisition are the biggest hurdles for local innovation. Baxter also said that the numbers of talents passing out of local universities in Australia are not adequate compared with the labor market demands.

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