Spiking interest in Canada immigration despite COVID-19

Canada immigration survey

When it comes to preferring to migrate to Canada, a lot of immigrants are showing great interest, mainly for a very interesting reason. They think it’s a better choice to make to endure Canada’s economic hardship than their own country.

World Education Survey (WES) conducted a survey lately to figure out how the COVID-19 pandemic influenced the intentions of prospective immigrants to Canada. Through the survey, it was learned that 38% of respondents found it interesting to opt for Canada immigration. 57% said that COVID-19 did not affect their decision to move to Canada. Only 5% of the respondents were not interested in migrating to Canada.

The WES survey was conducted between April 15 and 21 this year in different countries. Over 50% of respondents from China, Nigeria, and the Philippines expressed greater interest to immigrate to Canada. Countries like France, India, the UK, and Pakistan had respondents whose willingness to go to Canada was least affected by COVID-19 fears.

Coming to the cost of paying for immigration, 52% of respondents did not think that COVID-19 will impact their ability to pay the cost. But 35% of respondents were not so confident of being able to pay the costs.

39% of the respondents were willing to migrate to Canada to alleviate their personal and family hardships.

It was the reality of the loss of jobs in the respondent’s area of work that had the most impact considering Canada immigration. While 31% said that it will affect their decision to migrate to Canada, 46% were still not of the view that the chance of job loss in Canada will not affect their decision to move to Canada.

Other major factors that affected the decision of people about migrating to Canada included:

  • Fear of contracting COVID-19
  • Increase in IRCC’s visa processing time
  • Reduction in immigration targets in Canada

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