Silicon Valley expect Biden to save tech skill immigration

Silicon Valley's hopes on Joe Biden

Many of US President Donald Trump’s US immigration policies have blocked high-skilled visa holders. They are finding it almost impossible to work in essential posts in US companies. This is especially true for the tech companies in Silicon Valley.

The tech advocates of Silicon Valley are eagerly waiting for Joe Biden, the new President-elect. He is expected to reverse many of Trump’s immigration policies. These policies have rendered them unable to recruit high-skilled personnel from among overseas immigrants.

The tech companies, the largest of them included, have legally challenged the decision of Trump to restrict immigration of skilled foreign workers willing to work in USA. Trump’s rules have made the requirements more stringent for employers to hire skilled workers on H-1B visas.  This is another set of rules that the tech companies went against.

Technet, which is a group of industry executives from prestigious companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon, had challenged the new rules through lawsuits filed in US courts. In case those lawsuits fail, they are pinning their hopes on Biden to rescind those rules once he assumes office.

The worry of Trump coming down heavier on work visas in the last days of his administration is a cause of worry for the tech companies in Silicon Valley.

There has been a recent call by Trump to make a final decision on making standards around H-1B visas stricter. This is besides the rules announced in October 2020.

The US Chamber of Commerce has recently noted that team Biden is already planning to reverse few of the policies made by the Trump administration.

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