Safety of TFWs and Canadian employers realized with new measures

Health and safety of TFWs and Canadian employers cared for

The TFWs of Canada are great contributors to the economy of the country, especially with their work in the food supply and security sector. Recognizing the importance of their work in Canada, the government has worked to create a solution. The solution is tailored to ensure that it serves the TFWs who are slated to enter Canada in the spring of 2021.

The solution is partly meant for workers in the agriculture, agri-food, and fish & seafood sectors. They will be assisted from the point of having to stay in a GAA upon arrival.

A 2-pronged approach will be taken with respect to the quarantine requirements for TFWs after March 21, 2021. This will be based on where they are finally routed for. TFWs who are asymptomatic for COVID-19 will be allowed to travel directly to their designated place of quarantine after their COVID-19 test at the airport. But for this, they must be traveling using private transportation. They must also be accompanied only by those who traveled with them to Canada.

TFWs required to travel by public transport to another location after arriving in Canada must stay in a GAA. There, they will await the results of their COVID-19 test. TFWs could have a proper plan for quarantine along with safe transportation arranged to their place of quarantine. In that case, the Canadian government wants to ensure that employers and TFWs won’t bear the incremental costs of the 3-day compulsory quarantine. The TFWs will also get support from the government during their arrival and stay at the hotel.

The safety of the TFWs during their period of work in Canada is also taken care of by the Canadian government. The measures taken will help businesses in Canada. They can recruit workers as they need while keeping them and the native Canadians safe.

As part of the enhanced actions to give better protection to TFWs and employers, The Canadian government is:

  • Working with provinces to make safe arrangements for TFWs to travel to their quarantine location
  • Working with provinces to give suitable options for isolation to symptomatic/COVID-positive workers throughout the season
  • Increasing and making inspections of employers in agriculture stronger. This will be to ensure that they meet their quarantine obligations and TFW program requirements. These are related to wages and working conditions as well as educating the employers about their obligations
  • Funding organizations for migrant workers to give direct support to workers affected by COVID-19 for the 2021 season.
  • Working with those organizations to help workers with the process of arrival throughout the season
  • Improving the tip line of TFWs with live agents capable to offer services in more than one language. They can help workers communicate situations of abuse or mistreatment better. They can also educate workers more on their rights
  • Improving the coordination with territorial and provincial partners. This will be done via a new central point of contact. It will enable responsible authorities to respond promptly to emerging issues that include outbreaks

The Canadian government has lately launched a pilot project that conducts more in-depth inspections of employers who have higher chances of committing fraud in LMIA. There will also be an assessment of compliance results over the months to come.

To improve the living conditions of foreign workers in Canada, the Canadian government launched consultations with employers, PTs, and foreign partner nations in October 2020. The consultations were for mandatory requirements for accommodations provided by employers. The inputs received via the consultation is right now under review. The government’s actions in the coming months including lasting collaboration with PTs and program partners in taking forward the work will be informed.

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GAA – Government Approved Accommodation

TFW – Temporary Foreign Worker

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