Reduced stay times for aliens in the US, new rules proposed

Stay time in US fixed for aliens

The Trump administration has proposed to impose a fixed time limit on visas of researchers, foreign journalists, and students. The administration suspects that the liberal visa program today is being abused which is suspected to escalate into a risk to national security.

The case cited particularly is the abuse of existing loopholes in the US immigration and visa system by China. The benefit of the current visa program has been enjoyed most by students, journalists, and researchers from China.

The proposed rule states that the J (researcher visa) or F (student visa) non-immigrants will be allowed to be in the US for no more than 4 years or for a period up to the end date of their program in the US.

What the DHS says is that the stay tenure of foreign nationals from nations linked with high visa overstay rates will be limited to a maximum of 2 years. This, the Department says, will lead to the eradication of immigration violations. Their timely departure will be incentivized too.

Amending the regulations relevant to the issue will prevent foreign adversaries from exploiting the country’s education sector. The USA immigration laws will then be properly enforced and even strengthened.

If the foreign national is a citizen of a country that’s on the US’s State Sponsors of Terrorism list, such a person’s time in the US can be reduced to a maximum of 2 years of authorized stay.

The DHS has also proposed to limit the stay time for foreign journalists on the ‘I’ visa to a maximum of 240 days. They could however be given an extension of another 240 days, which will be dependent on the length of their relevant activities.

A time of 30 days will be allowed for foreign students to leave the country. This is a reduced time from the existing rule of 60 days. The stakeholders will have 30 days to respond to the notification.

There’s a dramatic growth in the population of ‘F’ and ‘J’ visa holder population over the past decades. The J population was at a 300% rate from what it was in 1985. The growth of admissions in foreign media representatives has been over 160% since 1985.

The US is in favor of allowing migration via academic and exchange visitor programs. These pathways give foreigners access to world-famous faculty, state-of-the-art courses, cutting edge resources, and individualized instruction programs.

The increasing migrant population making it a growing challenge to oversee and monitor all categories of non-immigrants has prompted the administration to curtail time limits for such aliens.

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