Record-Breaking job vacancies in Q4, Canada looking to fill 9.2 lakhs jobs

Record-Breaking job vacancies in Q4, Canada looking to fill 9.2 lakh jobs

Job vacancies in Canada have increased in comparison to the period before Corona pandemic. There are many sectors in which employers are facing problems in hiring the workers suitable for different occupations.

Canada is looking for workers for 915,500 occupations, and this number is 80 percent more than the job vacancies in 2019. It is also 63.4 percent more than the number of vacancies in 2020. This report has been given by Statistics Canada.

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More job vacancies in Manitoba and Nova Scotia

In the third quarter, the job vacancies were very less. But this was not the case with Nova Scotia and Manitoba. The job vacancies in Nova Scotia got a growth of 11. 9 percent which means that the number of jobs increased by 20,300. In Manitoba, the percentage growth was 5.9, which means that the job vacancies were increased by 25,800.

The greatest job vacancies in the past year were seen in the Prince Edward Island province, where the open positions went up to 87.1 percent. Quebec saw the increase of 87.9 percent, Alberta 89 percent, and Saskatchewan saw the growth of 90.1 percent.

The table below will show the job growth of various provinces.

Province Percentage Growth
Nova Scotia 11.9
Manitoba 5.9
Prince Edward Island 87.1
Quebec 87.9
Alberta 89
Saskatchewan 90.1



  • 915,500 positions opened for hiring
  • Tremendous job growth in different provinces

Eligibility Criteria

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Jobs available in different sectors

Candidates who want to work in Canada can look for jobs in various sectors which are

  • IT
  • Software and Development
  • Finance
  • Accounts
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Healthcare

In the case of hospitality sector, the job vacancies fall to 12.1 percent, but still, employers in this sector are looking for workers.

Jobs in the hospitality sector in Canada

The largest number of job vacancies can be seen in the hospitality industry in different sectors. The job vacancies rose to 43.3 in comparison to the previous quarter. Job increase can also be seen in the sales and marketing sector, which grew up to 33.3 percent. In other sectors of hospitality, the percentage of job vacancies has risen up to 60 percent to 65 percent.

Hiring foreign nationals

Employers have opened the option of hiring immigrants through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program and International Mobility Program. If the immigrants are being hired through these programs, then it is to be checked whether the jobs are LMIA exempt or not.

Types of jobs that do not need LMIA

Here are the jobs which are exempted from LMIA

  • Jobs which can be found in international trade record
  • Jobs included in accordance between the provincial and federal government
  • Jobs which are available in the best interests of Canada

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