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Posted on November 03 2021

Reasons for Australia PR visa applications could get rejected in 2022

By Editor
Updated May 25 2023

If you are just a temporary work visa holder in Australia now, your next aim should naturally be to obtain an Australia PR visa. But when you go through the process of becoming a permanent resident in Australia, you have to take care that you don’t do some of the mistakes that can cost you your application’s success.

So, here are some of the reasons why Australia PR visa applications get rejected and which you need to avoid.

Choosing the wrong visa type

Different visa categories have different criteria for qualification. If you do not meet the eligibility criteria of the visa category you apply for, your application will get rejected.

Hence, always choose a visa category that presents the most chance to qualify.

Violating the conditions of your previous visa

If your previous records reveal that you have overstayed in Australia on a temporary visa or have not shown adherence to the conditions laid out in the previous visa, your application will be rejected over disqualification.

Visa application has inconsistent or incomplete information

It’s imperative that you provide complete and factual information in your application. Such applications will be rejected by authorities during their scrutiny. Hence, always be sure that the details given in the application match the information in the documents attached.

Failure to meet criteria for health requirements

Applicants need to meet the criteria on health requirements. If you are in requirement for health conditions that would be a financial burden on Australia’s medical system, your application will be rejected. Also, applicants with medical conditions like cancer, HIV, mental health issues, or heart ailments, such applications will be rejected.

Failure to meet criteria for character requirements

It’s required that applicants have sufficient funds to meet the expenses of staying in Australia. If you cannot present the proof to this effect, your application will be rejected by the authorities.

Not enough score in English proficiency test

Language proficiency is of great importance in the application criteria for an Australia PR visa. If you don’t have the level of language proficiency, your application won’t be approved.

What can you do if your application gets rejected?

The reasons for the rejection of your application can be found out from the Australian immigration department. You can appeal to the AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal) for a review, post which you will be told why the rejection happened.

Upon getting the review, you can explain their findings and provide any missing documents or information. Then, it’s up to the AAT to overturn their earlier decision or make a new decision altogether.

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