The real risk of bad choices like forgery in the UAE

Forgery, a bad choice in UAE

Dubai is a wonderland. A lot of other attractions in the UAE makes it a great destination. Be it for work or leisure, having your documentation intact and genuine is essential. You could be one among many who arrive in UAE on a visitor visa or a work visa. But if someone enticed you to get a fake passport the easy way, doesn’t fall for it.

Falling for risky tricks like tampering visas or forging a passport can cost you a lot on many counts in the UAE. The country is an extremely law-abiding one and frauds and crimes are not tolerated. Steer clear of fraudulent and unauthorized people offering you shortcuts and forged documents.

Recently, 4 Asians were held and tried in court in Dubai for forgery. The alert authorities confiscated duplicate Schengen visas procured by the passport holders. They were jailed and penalized heavily. Not to mention they were barred from entering the country again.

It could lead to very risky consequences if you underestimate the ability of the UAE authorities to detect fraud. You will get imprisoned for forging passports and making fake visas. Once you are deported after your jail term, the black mark on your travel history will follow you everywhere. You wouldn’t want to be unable to travel overseas anymore, right?

Finding the fakes

Detection of fake documents is done at 3 points by the authorities.

The first-line officers use a ‘retro check’ machine to find out fake documents. The officers are deployed by the GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs). The retro check machine has a transmitted light, ultraviolet light, and magnifier to detect fraud.

In case of any doubt after using the retro check, the second-line officers take up the case. The examiners at the main center check the document. Here, the printing technique and the background of the document are used to verify and find out fraud if any.

Punishing the culprits

In the UAE, 3 types of crimes are identified related to forgery.

· The forgery of government obligations. This could be about money, bonds, postage stamps, etc. This leads to 15 years of imprisonment.

· The forgery of official documents. This includes title deeds, birth and marriage certificates, passports, etc. This may lead to 10 years of imprisonment or more.

· The forgery of regular documents. These could be agreements or invoices. This may lead to 3 years of imprisonment.

2 levels of forgery are detected regarding passports. The first is when there is a material change made to the document. This could include changing photos or faking visa stamps. The second level comes where a culprit holds a genuine passport but impersonates the real owner. Such acts of imposter will amount to identity theft and will invite harsh punishment. Identity theft can happen online also.

The punishment can be imprisonment from 3 to 30 years. Further measures like probation, community service, and heavy monetary penalties can follow. This will be followed by deporting the culprit.

So, what could you do to ensure that you are not duped? How can you enjoy your time in the UAE without any hassles? Well, here are a few tips:

· Be clear about the visa specifications and terms to avoid issues

· Get your documentation done with a legitimate visa or immigration agent

· Always be honest yourself and never attempt to forge or misinform

· Never trust anyone who offers services for money that bypasses legitimate procedures If you are looking to Study, Work, Visit, Invest or Migrate to UAE, talk to Y-Axis, the World’s No.1 Immigration & Visa Company.

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