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How to apply work visa for UK

The UK is a great place to visit. In fact, Australian nationals can even visit the UK visa-free for 6 months. But even beyond that, to work in UK is a wise decision to make. Why? Here are reasons why:

  • The UK is highly globalized with major industries listed below offering a very promising career prospect:
    • Finance and Banking
    • Healthcare
    • Engineering
    • Marketing
    • Human Resources
  • There is tremendous scope to explore in various industry sectors that are open to you as post-graduate job opportunities and graduate job opportunities.
  • Major industrial sectors have a great deal of shortage of skilled workers which requires skilled foreign workers to arrive in the UK on a UK work visa and join the country’s workforce.

That said, it will be interesting and informative for you if we listed out the process of applying for the UK work visa.

Types of UK work visa

Work visas in the UK fall under 4 groups:

  • Short-term work visas
  • Long-term work visas
  • Investor, business development, and talent visas
  • Other work visas

Short-term work visas

These are Tier 5 visas and are part of the points-based system of UK migration. The visas under this group are also called UK Temporary Workers Visas. These include:

  • UK Charity Worker visa: It’s meant for those who want to do voluntary work for a charity in the UK without pay. Visa holders require a sponsorship certificate from a licensed employer.
  • UK Creative and Sporting visa: It’s meant for those who have a job offer in the UK as creative workers or sportspersons. They will need to possess a sponsorship certificate from a licensed employer in the UK.
  • UK Government Authorized Exchange visa: Applicants for this visa are those who want to move to the UK to get work experience or for training, research, an Overseas Government Language Program, or a fellowship via an exchange scheme authorized by the government.
  • UK International Agreement visa: This visa is meant for those who are under an employment contract for a foreign government or in the role of a private servant in any of the UK’s diplomatic households.
  • UK Religious Worker visa: This visa is for those who want to move to the UK for a short term for religious work.
  • UK Seasonal Worker Visa: Those who want to travel to the UK in order to do farm work for not more than 6 months can apply for this visa.
  • UK Youth Mobility Scheme visa: This is a visa type for those who have certain types of British nationality or if they originate from certain countries along with being aged between 18 and 30 years.

Long-term work visas

These are Tier 2 visas. These include:

  • Tier 2 General UK work visa: It’s meant for those from outside the EEA and Switzerland with a job offer in the UK.
  • Tier 2 UK Intra-company Transfer visa: It’s for those who have received a job offer from an overseas employer for a role in a UK branch of the organization.
  • Tier 2 UK Minister of Religion visa: It’s for nationals of countries that aren’t EEA countries and nationals of Switzerland with a job offer in the UK in the confines of a faith community.
  • Tier 2 UK Sportsperson visa: It’s meant for a qualified coach or elite sportsperson who has recognition from their governing body for sport recognizing theirs as the highest professional level internationally.

Investor, business development, and talent visas

  • UK Innovator visa: It’s for those foreigners who are willing to start or run a business in the UK.
  • UK Start-up visa: It’s for those who wish to build a business in the UK and has an authorized body’s endorsement.
  • UK Global Talent Visa: It’s for those who work in a qualifying field and have received endorsement as an emerging leader or a recognized leader.
  • UK Graduate Entrepreneur visa: A Tier 1 visa, it’s meant for graduates who have an official endorsement of having a genuine business idea that’s also credible.
  • UK Investor visa: A Tier 1 visa, it’s for investors who are willing to invest £2,000,000 or more in the UK.

Other work visas

  • UK Ancestry visa: You get employed in the UK via this visa in case you are applying as a Commonwealth citizen from outside the UK. You have to prove that a minimum of one of your grandparents took birth in the UK.
  • Domestic Workers in a Private Household UK visa: It’s for a domestic worker in a private household wanting to visit the UK accompanying their employer.
  • Representative of an Overseas Business UK visa: It’s for you if you are the only representative of an overseas company with plans to erect a branch in the UK or a totally owned subsidiary for a parent company overseas. Also eligible are the employees of overseas media with posting on a long-term UK assignment.
  • Turkish Businessperson UK visa: It’s for nationals of Turkey who are willing to move to the UK to erect a new business or to run an established business running already in the UK.
  • Turkish Worker UK visa: It’s for nationals of Turkey who have worked in the UK for a minimum of 1 year as the spouse of a British national or a settled individual.
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How to apply

After you have chosen a suitable visa, you can apply for the work visa online. You will have to pay for the application online. This will be done through the website. You can usually do this is 3 months before your employment starts in the UK.

During this application, you must submit proof of your identification and other supporting documents.

On the basis of where you are from, and checking your passport, you will be either directed to have an appointment at a visa application center or prove your identity using the “UK Immigration: ID Check” app on your smartphone.

A decision on the application will be made in about 3 weeks.

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