About a quarter of Estonia’s IT workers are foreigners

Estonia IT Employees foreigners

Jüri Ratas, the Estonian Prime Minister, has stated that close to a quarter of employees in Estonia’s IT sector are foreigners. He also reiterated that it’s important for Estonia to be a country where internationals would want to come and work.

He attributed the high presence of foreigners in the country’s IT sector as a result of the country’s economic development and competitiveness. He also said that common solutions to support start-ups will be introduced. This will be achieved in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications along with the representatives of the sector.

He was in a meeting with the representatives of start-ups in which he discussed the current state of the start-ups in Estonia. The Estonian Start-up Database showed that 1,105 start-ups with around 6,300 employees are registered in the country. The salary is €2,508 which is almost 1.8 times higher than the country’s average wage.

A discussion on the introduction of new employment relations forms was done with a few being proposed by start-ups. These new forms were proposed to increase the flexibility of labor legislation.

As e-Estonia says, Estonia is one of the EU nations that have the highest number of start-ups per capita. The IT companies in Estonia offer IT development and strategic consulting for change management and reliable e-solutions.

IT companies and workers in the field consider Estonia as one of the friendliest European countries. It’s the country that introduced the Digital Nomad Visa which allows internationals to work as freelancers or for overseas employers.

The use of this visa allowed aliens to work from any location independently in Estonia. The major fields that international workers are engaged in using this visa include marketing, finance, and technology.

Estonia has also implemented the e-Residency program that is slated to be expanded to 20 different countries of the world.

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