The most powerful passports for 2021 revealed now!

The most powerful passports for 2021 revealed now

For those who are interested in the most powerful passports in the world, the Henley Passport Index will be of good help. It’s the most sophisticated and rigorous measure of global access, ranking passports on the basis of factors like:

  • Freedom to travel
  • Which type of visa allows you to visit which countries
  • The history of changes in your passport
  • The comparative status and ranking of your passport with others
  • The reasons for the scope of access your passport gives
  • The passports that can be added to your current passport to provide greater mobility

The Henley passport index bases its rankings on data from IATA. It’s improved upon by extensive research conducted in-house, support from the commentary of experts, and regular updates.
There are many passports that help travelers to not need a travel visa to enter another country. It will also be interesting to know which passport will allow another passport to be added to it that gives you added power to access different countries.
The Henley Passport Index has revealed the most powerful passports for 2021. The top 10 powerful passports of the world belong to the following countries:

Powerful passports give you more power to work abroad without having to apply for visa. This means those who hold such passports have a privilege in many instances of accessing opportunities in desirable destinations for which others have to struggle more.
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