The pathway to emigrate from Australia to Canada

The pathway to emigrate from Australia to Canada

If you wish to emigrate from Australia to Canada, it is relatively easier to do so than from any other nation. The fact that both these nations are members of the Commonwealth Nations eases the process of immigration. Nevertheless, despite the unique status of the relationship between these two nations, immigrants looking forward to moving to Canada will face hurdles owing to the intricate process of Canada immigration. It will be a wise decision to facilitate the visa application through registered migration agent Melbourne.

There are diverse options available for Australians who intend to immigrate to Canada. In case if your occupation is listed under the eligible occupation you can enter Canada as a skilled worker. In case the applicant immigrants possess the required capital and satisfy the requirements of the investor visa, they can arrive in Canada through the Entrepreneurial visa scheme. They can understand the finer nuances of applying to the diverse visas and the suitable visa for them through a registered migration agent Melbourne.

On the other hand, the immigrant applicants from Australia who intend to move to Canada can also apply for the Provincial nomination visa or even be sponsored by a relative who is already residing in Canada.

In case if you are unable to decide on the category of the visa that is suitable to you, you must avail services of a registered migration agent Melbourne. The registered migration agent Melbourne will be able to assist you to determine the appropriate visa that will be suitable for your background and circumstances. The immigration consultant will also be in a position to guide you regarding the necessary documents and ensure that the visa application process is successfully completed in a smooth manner.

Working Holiday Program

Working holiday program is suitable for young Australians to emigrate from Australia to Canada. It is recommended for people who wish to stay in Canada for a while and not recommended for applicants who wish to avail the permanent residency to Canada. The immigrant applicants who wish to secure this two-year working visa must be aged between 30 to 18 years. A registered migration agent Melbourne will be best placed to assist in processing this visa for the applicant immigrants residing in Australia.

Once it has been assessed that what kind of visa is suitable for you, it is required that you furnish the necessary application to the immigration office. The applicable immigration office details can also be availed through Australian immigration contact number.

The majority of the visas mandate that the applicants of the visa submit a wide range of supporting credentials along with visa application. These credentials differ from one visa to another. It may be required that you submit documents such as financial statements or medical reports. Generally, the financial documents are asked to demonstrate your monetary stability to support your stay in Canada.

A registered migration agent Melbourne will be able to outline the exact nature and number of documents that the visa you have chosen requires being submitted.

In some cases, the immigrant applicants from Australia commence the process of the application while they are still residing in Australia.  On the other hand, some other applicants arrive in Canada and then initiate their visa process. Many categories of immigrant applicants from Australia are permitted to travel unrestricted throughout Canada. You can secure the details of these kinds of visas from a registered migration agents Melbourne.

Irrespective of the stage of your visa application process, you would have more often than not observed that the process can be really tough at times. But the positive aspect for you is that you can always avail the services of a registered migration agent Melbourne who will be competent and experienced to navigate you smoothly through the process.

Australians citizens or permanent residents who wish to secure the permanent residency in Canada have a wide range of visa categories in Canada to choose from.

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