Overseas immigrants cater to skills shortages in fast-food sector says McDonalds’s franchise owner

Overseas immigrants cater to skills shortages in fast-food sector says McDonalds’s franchise owner

According to McDonald’s South Hedland owner Luke Jessop, overseas immigrants have addressed the scarcity of skills in the fast food sector in Australia and the workers availing the 457 visas are not depriving the Australian workers of their jobs. He also added that almost 50% of his staff employed through the 457 visas was looking forward to securing a renewal of their visas.

Luke Jessop also said that immigrant restaurant managers who are employed through the 457 visas have all received their formal training in the US. People have begun to label individuals if they possess a 457 visa, added the owner of the McDonalds franchise, quotes The West.

He also clarified that the assumptions that immigrants are taking away jobs from the Austrians are all false as the jobs that his franchise offers are advertised not just internationally bust also statewide and locally. In the period between December 2016 to February 2017, Luke had received a total of 19 applications out of which 17 were from overseas and one each from Perth and Eastern states.

Jessop elaborated on the skills requirement in the fast-food sector and said that the skills demanded to be employed in a high turnover franchise are often underrated. They have also come up with an in-house training program that is on par with global standards and with the collaboration with Karratha it would be ensured that there is an availability of talent pool at the end of the training, explained Luke.

He explained that any aged person cannot be hired for senior level roles and training has to be imparted to them in order to cater to the requirements of quality cleanliness standards. McDonald’s was holding discussions with the Minister in Australia in order to accomplish the desired positive results, said Luke. He also denied that hiring immigrants through the 457 visas was an economical option while compared to employing local workers owing to flight costs and relocation.

The announcement to retain chefs and cooks in the skilled immigration assessment of the occupations list was welcomed by Australian Hotel’s Association WA. Bradley Woods, Chief Executive of Australian Hotel’s Association WA has said that eliminating the Subclass 457 visas and replacing it with the Temporary skills shortage visas would end the pathway to secure a permanent residency in Australia for the workers with low skills.

He said that one of the biggest users of 457 visas was the hospitality sector in order to avail experienced chefs and cooks and it is crucial to have access to immigrant overseas workers to cater to the scarcity of skilled workers.

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