Non-EU students in UK found increasing at record rate

Non-EU students for UK courses 2021-22 increases

The rise in the COVID-19 pandemic has not dissipated the rise in the number of UK Tier 4 student visas issued to non-EU international students willing to study in UK. This is in contrast to the number of students from EU countries.

Recent statistics reveal that there was an increase of 2% in the number of non-EU student numbers. At the same time, EU student arrivals have decreased by 13.2%. Nevertheless, there’s another viewpoint on the slump in the number of students from EU countries. It’s said that the slump happened due to delay in exams in EU countries due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Another major decision made by the UK, as announced by the British Minister of State for Universities, Michelle Donelan, has the following points implemented for the academic year 2021-22:

  • EU, EEA, and other Swiss nationals won’t be eligible for home fee status
  • They will also not be eligible for undergraduate, PG, and advanced learner financial support from Student Finance England
  • This ineligibility will also extend to funding for apprenticeships and further education funding for those aged over 19 years

Ms. Donelan has assured the international students from the EU in the UK to join the 2021-22 academic year won’t be impacted by the completion of the Brexit transition occurring on December 31, 2020. Others who will remain unaffected by are EU, EEA, and Swiss nationals who get the benefits from Citizens’ Right under any of the following:

  • Swiss Citizens’ Rights Agreement
  • EEA EFTA Separation Agreement
  • EU Withdrawal Agreement

Irish nationals living in Ireland or the UK, with access to benefits under the Common Travel Area arrangement, also won’t be affected.

The universities in the UK are ready with plans to cater to overseas students and how they are going to be welcomed and accommodated on campus. All these efforts are to ensure that when it comes to study abroad UK will be the top choice among international students.

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