Newly arrived immigrants in Australia are united by the bond of street art


Australia of late has seen a polarisation of public views regarding immigration. With the aim of overhauling public perception regarding immigration, 300 newly arrived immigrants and refugees in Australia have collaborated with four top street artists in Australia to create themed murals.

Unveiled later this week in the center of the financial district in Sydney, the murals are a description of images inspired by the native landscapes and beauty and words that convey feelings regarding immigration. They also include the prized objects that the refugees had carried along with them to Australia.

Kaff-eine, the former criminal lawyer in Australia who has taken up street art said that the project aimed at highlighting the resemblance between the native land and the immigrated nation. The street art project also intends to eliminate increasing distrust regarding immigrants in Australia.

The former criminal lawyer turned street artist said that the misconception regarding immigration was a phenomenon not limited to Australia, alone, it was relevant everywhere.

Immigration and border security have emerged as highly debated issues in Australian politics and have dominated the past elections. It has also resulted in indefinite detention policy for individuals who seek to arrive in Australia by boats.

Australia’s immigration system based on points and policies for offshore detention have even been noticed by the international community. In fact, recently the US President Donald Trump was full of praise for the Australian immigration policies and called for similar policies being implemented in the US too.

The four street artists also include Ben Frost, Regan Tamanui, and Brad Eastman. The four street artists have organised workshops for newly arrived youths from nations such as Syria, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Iraq and several other nations across the world.

Notwithstanding the huge linguistic and cultural differences and shyness, the immigrants were united by a common objective, said Kaff-eine.

The immigrants were of the view that irrespective of their pasts, they were currently Australian residents and this was the common binding thread, added Kaff-eine. It is tough for people to get angry with others when they have shared similarities.

One of the immigrants painted the words free and young and was, in fact, unaware of the fact initially that these words were a part of the national anthem of Australia also.

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