The new UK Health and Care visa is available, apply now

New UK Health and Care Visa

From August 4, 2020, the new UK Health and Care visa that has been announced is open for applications. The details of this new visa are available on the official website of the UK government, which gives all the information on UK visas and immigration. It outlines the list of eligible people who can apply and the costs involved.

The UK Health and Care visa is meant for those people who have a job offer from the NHS (National Health Service) or organizations that offer social care for adults. As of now, the visa is available to applicants outside the EEA (European Economic Area) besides those from Switzerland. Nevertheless, this could change post-Brexit.

Among those eligible for this visa are health professionals, adult social workers (senior-level), nurses, and doctors. The eligibility depends on and employer’s sponsorship with a valid Tier 2 sponsor license. A certificate of sponsorship will be issued to those who fulfill the job role’s criteria.

The application for Tier 2 Health and Care visa can be submitted up to 3 months before the date of the beginning of the applicant’s employment in the UK. The decisions on the applications are made pretty fast, within 3 weeks from submitting the applicant’s biometric information. Hence the visa is considered a fast track route for UK immigration. The cost of submitting biometric information is £19.20.

The visa costs can vary according to the length of stay in the UK. For a Health and Care visa that is valid for a maximum term of 3 years, the cost is £232. For the visa that has a term of more than 3 years, the cost is £464 as of now.

Irrespective of whether the visa is applied from within the UK or outside, the fees are charged at the same rate. The costs are also applicable to dependants.

The fees for Health and Care visa are reduced for citizens of Macedonia and Turkey. For them, the visa valid for up to 3 years is £177. For the visa issued for a period beyond that, the fee charged is £409.

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