New SAVE makes sponsored US immigration better for aliens

US immigration SAVE initiative

In the latest news on US immigration, decisions have been made to ensure that there is better dissemination of benefits to aliens from their sponsors. For this, a new SAVE initiative has been announced to be launched.

There is a framework and a system that acts within it that governs the matters of sponsorship of aliens. This system has to be kept under check. It has to be ensured that sponsors do the right things, taking accountability of the benefits from the US government passed on and delivered to the aliens arriving in the country.

Sponsors are those individuals who are ready to use their resources and income to support sponsored aliens. A US immigration consultant can be a good source of information about what and how sponsors do things for an alien in the US.

There are US agencies that administer federal means-tested benefits for aliens. They are tasked with the job of ensuring that sponsors are practicing compliance with federal regulations, laws, and policies with regards to the financial support of aliens that they receive through sponsors. Their immigration to USA has to be well managed and accounted for.

Under agency reimbursement laws, sponsors are also obliged to reimburse the agency giving a public benefit when a sponsored alien takes a means-tested public benefit. This will be done upon request. The new SAVE initiative will ensure that sponsors are practising more effective compliance with federal laws, policies, and regulations.

The aim of the Trump administration here is to enforce existing immigration laws, and hold sponsors of aliens legally accountable for their financial responsibilities. The new SAVE initiative will also determine the eligibility of an alien for public assistance.  For this, their it has to be ensured that they are practicing consistency with current law, proper accountability, and established requirements for sponsorship.

The SAVE initiative gives information on sponsors to agencies that administer federal public benefits that are means-tested. Now, with the new SAVE initiative, these agencies will share details on how they use the SAVE sponsorship information. Such information is used in assessing the sponsor and for agency reimbursement processes.

The SAVE initiative originated from the Presidential memorandum on enforcing the legal responsibilities of aliens’ sponsors. The memorandum directed towards overseeing themeven more and ensure more data collection. This will keep illegal practices and ineligible aliens getting benefits under check.

There’s a possibility of sponsored aliens to apply for and get means-tested public benefits from federal, state, tribal, or local agencies. But there’s also the chance of such aliens being ineligible for certain means-tested public benefits. This happens because the granting agency will take into consideration the income and resources of their sponsors when the agency determines the eligibility of the alien for the benefits available.

If the sponsor does not make agency reimbursement, it can seek a court order to get repaid by the agency. USCIS now encourages all agencies that administer federal means-tested benefits to use the new sponsorship feature.

If you are looking for a detailed information on SAVE and its new form, look up SAVE on the USCIS website.

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