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Posted on July 18 2022

New forms launched for US immigrant investor program

By  Editor
Updated June 07 2023

Highlights of US immigrant investor program

  • USCIS has announced a new form for immigrant investors
  • USCIS has made changes to Form I-526 for immigrants benefit
  • The eligibility and filing requirements for alien investors have changed under the EB-5 program
  • The form will be divided into documents

Abstract: A new form under the investor program for immigrants has been released.

On July 12, 2022, the USCIS of the United States of America announced a new form for immigrant investors. The form I-526 for Immigrant Petition by Alien Entrepreneur was moderated to combine the Integrity Act of 2022 and EB-5 reform.

The requirements for eligibility and filing have been moderated for alien investors.

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Types of US Investor Forms

Form I-526 is aimed at immigrant standalone investors who do not seek to combine their investment with other investors who are seeking EB-5 classification. The form will be divided into two different versions. They will closely bear a resemblance to the earlier edition of Form I-526.

  • Form I-526E is aimed at immigrant investors who are planning to invest with another group of investors. They seek EB-5 classification through the recent program of the regional center.
  • Form I-526E was created to mirror some features of the latest regional center program. It consists of the ability to integrate evidence by sourcing data from Form I-956F of a regional center.

By law, a prospective immigrant investor can submit Form I-526E after the regional center has filed Form I-956F for the specific investment. It needs proof of an associated commercial enterprise that the prospective immigrant investor is investing their funds in.

The regional center will receive a receipt notice after the submission of Form I-956F, which confirms its filing. Investors can then file the associated Form I-526E on the basis of the receipt notice.


High-speed H-1B visa processing by USCIS

Three-year wait time for employer-sponsored green cards

The change will be effective from July 12, 2022. The forms of I-526 and I-526E must be submitted in accordance with the latest requirements for the program. The filing fee is 3,675 USD for each form.

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