New conclusions introduced by EU Council for safety from pandemic

EU Council conclusions new

The EU Council has come up with a new set of conclusions to ensure that cross-border travel, as with a visitor visa, is safe within the EU as migration is restored. The conclusions were adopted on July 24, 2020.

In the scope of the new conclusions are the measures to restore the confidence of workers and passengers. This will be done by bringing down the infection levels to the minimum in shared passenger transport across borders. These measures include steps taken for infection control and the promotion of basic hygiene.

These measures are an attempt at preserving and strengthening the single market. This will coincide with the EU will restore full connectivity among member states.

The Council has highlighted the implementation of certain basic hygiene and disease prevention rules. These are to be applied to all passenger transport services. It shall be implemented irrespective of the provisions that are in effect at the place of departure or arrival. The measures that the EU Council recommends the member states to promote with proper coordination include:

  • All travelers must maintain the required safety distance between them as much as possible. The only exceptions may be family members or members of a household.
  • Any option that helps to reduce or avoid physical contact must be applied, whenever possible. Such methods include the use of digital ticketing and digital ticket inspections.
  • Implement minimal contact between passengers and staff at border crossings.
  • Travelers should wear masks to cover their mouth and nose while using the means of transport operating for cross-border collective passenger services.
  • Satisfactory and regular supply of fresh air should be ensured on all means of transport.
  • Disinfection should be intensified on all means of transport used for cross-border travel.

The EU Council has also urged the cross-border transport operators to propagate the hygiene rules and guidance related to safety and hygiene on their websites and other forms of media they are present in.

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