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US immigration Green Card

The US House of Representatives has introduced bipartisan legislation that eliminates the per-country limit on Green Card based on employment. The legislation will benefit all those who are still waiting for long to get the Green Card.

The EAGLE Act (Equal Access to green cards for Legal Employment), 2021 must be approved by the Senate before it can make its way to the White House for the President’s signature, then making it a law.

The Permanent Resident Card, known commonly as the Green Card is a document issued to US immigrants. It acts as the evidence for the bearer to prove that he/she has been allowed to reside in the USA permanently.

The new bill phases out the per-country limit of 7% on each job-based US immigrant visa. It also raises the limit of each country for family-sponsored visas to 15% from 7%.

The predecessor of this bill, the Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act, got approved in the House in the 116th Congress. There was a bipartisan vote of 365 to 65 to pass the Act.

The basic framework used to allocate a US immigrant visa was last updated significantly in 1990. At this point, Congress established the numerical limits on US visas applicable worldwide. Since then, the 7% limit for each country has been in existence.

Over time, such limitations have been a major reason for backlogs that were considered impossible in 1990. Owing to the imposition of limits, countries with small populations in comparison get the same number of visas allocated as is done for those countries with a large population.

Due to this, an individual from a country with a large population, holding extraordinary qualifications keeps waiting in line after a person with lower qualifications and from a smaller country. It’s unfair to those people who are able to contribute greatly to the US economy and create jobs in the country.

Hence, it’s imperative for the USA to take steps to stop recruiters outside the US lure them away and gain the advantage.

The bipartisan EAGLE Act activates a system that removes the emphasis on birthplace, thus serving the interests of the USA better. This Act will let US companies focus on hiring smart and skilled people who can create products and deliver services that create jobs in the districts of the US states.

This new Act in the proposal is significant at a time when US companies are in need of foreign workers while facing the challenge of navigating the complicated US immigration system. Besides, there’s a shortage of Americans who are seeking skilled positions in these companies. This is the scenario where the bipartisan EAGLE Act is highly significant as it replaces the per-country limits with a “first-come, first-served” system.

In addition to the basic qualities and features of the bill, changes were introduced to encourage the hiring of American workers. There were also provisions to ensure that individuals from all nations retain access fairly to Green Card based on employment.

In effect, the EAGLE Act presents the people of the USA with a win-win situation.

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