New Australia Visa System may use Artificial Intelligence to detect doubtful applicants

New Australia Visa System may use Artificial Intelligence to detect doubtful applicants

New Australia Visa System may use Artificial Intelligence to detect doubtful applicants to enable DHA staff to concentrate on clients with high risk. The Department of Home Affairs in Australia is planning to make use of machine learning and AI to detect issues in visa applications.

DHA that has been formed recently has sought information in the market regarding AI and other latest technologies. This is for augmenting and finally automation of human assessment of intricate visa applications.

New Australia Visa System based on AI is the next in the initiatives aimed at generational revamping of the system by DHA. This will bifurcate the diverse components of visa operations into 8 categories. It will also witness larger role being taken up by the market providers, as quoted by the IT News.

The RFI particularly corresponds to verification of provisional visa applications from all across the world against criterions for a visa. This excludes national security and health assessments. At a later stage, long-term and more intricate visa products will be included.

As of now, processing of visas is performed manually by the DHA staff with the aid of assisting technology. They assess a wide range of information most of which is collated from paper-based visa applications. The staff also has to assess applications for each of the criteria.

The assessment by the DHA staff is a part of the information verification that forms the basis for refusing or granting a visa application. It costs the government hundreds of million dollars annually, stated the tender documents.

The volume of Australia visa and Citizenship applications is anticipated to grow by almost 50%. It could reach 13 million per year in the next one decade. DHA said that it is keen to distance itself from this approach that is intensive for resources.

It is anticipated by the DHA that 3 wide categories of solutions can be launched to help delivery of assessments. These are services for business process, and supportive technology that includes analytics and robot processing automation. The third will be latest disruptive technologies such as machine learning and AI.

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