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Posted on February 07 2022

Naturalization by US Citizenship and Immigration Services

By  Editor
Updated November 15 2023

Are you excited about US immigration and becoming a US citizen? The US Citizenship and Immigration Services can help you with the naturalization process that will help you become a citizen of the country. If you are interested to learn about it, read on!

What is naturalization?

It’s the process to become a US citizen that’s meant for those who are born outside of the USA. It’s regulated by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Before you learn how it works, let’s check out how you can become eligible for the same. To be eligible for naturalization, you have to:

  • Be at least 18 years of age when filing the application
  • Prove to be of good moral character
  • Show loyalty to the principles of the US Constitution
  • Have a history of lawful permanent residence for the past 3 or 5 years (it depends on the naturalization category you are lodging an application under)
  • Be able to speak, write, and read basic English
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of US history and US government
  • Be ready to take the Oath of Allegiance

Application for naturalization must be submitted either by paper or online.

Application by paper

To apply by paper, you must:

  • Become well-versed with the instructions for the form of application for naturalization (Form N-400)
  • Complete and sign your Form N-400
  • Make a payment of the filing fee (if applicable)
  • Furnish all evidence and supporting documentation required

Application online

To submit an application online, you must first create an online account with USCIS. Then you must:

  • Electronically submit evidence and make fee payment
  • Get updates on your case status and see the whole case history
  • Communicate with USCIS securely and directly
  • Respond to requests for evidence

In case you already have a USCIS online account, you can log in and do the needful.

Once you have filed your application, the USCIS receives it and sends you the following:

  • Receipt notice that confirms that your application has been received
  • Notice for biometric services (if applicable)
  • Notice to attend an interview (if required)
  • Notice of the decision made by USCIS

Once you become a US citizen, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • You and your children will be safe from deportation.
  • Children of lawful permanent residents of the US under 18 years of age will automatically become US citizens when their parents become naturalized citizens.
  • You will be able to file petitions for immigration with the US government in order to reunite with family members.
  • You will be eligible for government jobs and could increase their earnings from 8 to 11 percent.
  • Unlike a lawful permanent resident of the US, a US citizen can travel in the country without any restrictions. After becoming a US citizen, you can also seek the help and protection of US consulates and embassies abroad when there’s civil unrest or a personal crisis.
  • You will get voting rights.

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