Ministers meet, Canada immigration warms up to more measures to improve

Canada federal ministers meet to speed up and boost Canadian immigration


Canada immigration seems to be warming up to more necessary steps to hasten the processing of visas and increase the number of Canada PR visa holders.

Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada immigration will be a major contributor to the economic revival of the country. The significance of immigration is felt equally by the federal and regional governments of Canada.

That’s why the provincial and territorial ministers of Canada had a virtual meeting with Marco Mendicino, the federal Immigration Minister. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss ways to make visa processing faster and the number of permanent residents in Canada larger.

In the meeting, there was a call for a meaningful partnership as well as collaboration between Canadian territories and provinces. This cooperation will be with the aim of creating Canada immigration programs that are flexible and highly responsive. The programs have to give support to the diverse labor market of the country and assist in its evolution. The need for these programs to meet the necessities and priorities related to population growth was also discussed.

The agenda: More and better

In the meeting, the ministers discussed matters like:

  • The best ways to take advantage of the success attained in PNP programs
  • The regional distribution of Canada immigration
  • Economic immigration
  • Strategies to improve immigration of francophone immigrants in other provinces than Quebec
  • Settlement services for temporary and permanent residents

The meeting discussed how the benefits of Canada immigration can be spread across the country in the Canadian provinces and territories. The participants of the meeting decided to strengthen their ongoing collaboration.

They all agreed on making Canada stronger and more diverse.

The Forum of Ministers Responsible for Immigration

This organization functions with the goal of supporting a timely, flexible, and effective Canada immigration system. In 2020, the organization went ahead with establishing a vision for Canada immigration and a mission for the FMRI.

The vision statement was to take joint immigration priorities and improve the policies and programs of Canada immigration.

All through the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada displayed a bullish trend on immigration. In 2021, the target set to be achieved is 401,000 newcomers. The target for 2022 is set at 411,000 and 421,000 for 2023.

Canada and its provinces are confident to achieve the said targets with perfect participation and cooperative collaboration to improve immigration.

Steps to improve Canada immigration

IRCC has already adopted measures like bringing down the CRS score requirements for immigration candidates in Express Entry draws. This has contributed to an increase in the 5-time increase in the number of ITAs issued in federal draws.

Another step taken was to launching 6 new immigration pathways that lead to Canada PR for international graduates and TFWs. Though there’s a limit of 90,000 ITAs on anglophone applicants, no cap is set on francophone as well as bilingual applicants.

Besides the above measures, Canada also decided to shift the immigration process to a totally digital platform. The advantage gained is the speeding up of the Canada immigration process.

The takeaways

Besides reviewing Canada’s virtual immigration services to clients, the ministers also looked into adjusting programming for international students and provincial nominees.

There was also a discussion about a strategic immigration plan that was given approval in July 2020. The progress made on that front was evaluated, which included planning of immigration levels and strengthening programs for regional economic immigration.

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PR – Permanent Residence/Permanent Resident

CRS – Comprehensive Ranking System

PNP – Provincial Nominee Program

IRCC – Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

TFW – Temporary Foreign Worker

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