Malta to reward its visitors, plans to revive its tourism sector

Malta to pay International Tourists who visit this summer

Clayton Bartolo, Malta’s Minister of Tourism, has a new plan for international tourists arriving in Malta. He has announced a plan wherein international travelers arriving in Malta on a tourist visa will be handed out €200 each. This is applicable for those travelers who stay in Malta for at least 2 nights.

This move is to help revive Malta’s tourism industry that has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier, authorities in Malta that the country is planning to remove most of the travel restrictions imposed by June 1, 2021. There will be certain other bans too that will be lifted.

Here’s how the plan goes. If a tourist chooses to stay in a 4-star hotel will get €150. Those who choose to stay in a 3-star hotel will receive €100. Choosing the island of Gozo in Malta will fetch the traveler a 10% increase in the grant.

With this plan implemented, it’s expected that as international tourism resumes, the hotels in Malta will be placed in a very competitive position.

In 2021, Malta expects to welcome close to 35,000 travelers on a visitor visa. The tourism sector is a major contributor to the country’s economy. Tourism contributes over 27% of the country’s economy.

Comparing with 2019 numbers, the count of tourists has dipped by 80% since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Vaccination has been successfully implemented in the country. About 42% of adults received the first dose of the vaccine against COVID-19. This is commendably the highest rate of vaccination in the EU.

This summer, the British airline Jet 2 is planning to resume flights to Malta. This was announced recently by Malta International Airport. But before the plan is put into action, the COVID-19 situation will be analyzed and be confirmed to be favorable for such a move.

As of now, among the countries most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Malta is the 115th.

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