The major categories of Australia Visa for Business immigrants

The major categories of Australia Visa for Business immigrants

Australia Visa for Business immigrants has three major categories. These visas are for immigrants who intend to establish a new business, manage an existing or new business or invest in Australia.

• Australia Business Owner Visa

• Australia Senior Executive Visa

• Australia Investor Visa

Individually these visas have separate subclasses of provisional visas. Business immigrants to Australia must first obtain one of them. They can later apply for an Australia PR.

Australia Business Owner Visa

To qualify for this visa immigrants are required to fulfill certain criterions. They must prove that they have a real and genuine obligation to Australia as business immigrants. This would be to involve as an owner in an existing or new business in the nation.

They must possess net personal and business assets worth $800,000 AUD. It must be an eligible business with a minimum turnover of $500,000 AUD for at least 2 of the last 4 fiscal years prior to application.

Australia Senior Executive Visa

Business immigrants must demonstrate a genuine and real obligation in Australia. This would be by participating to manage an existing or new business in Australia. They will be permitted to move in and out of Australia multiple times. This is as long the visa is valid, as quoted by the Migration Bureau.

Work and study rights are also authorized. Total assets worth at least $ 800,000 AUD must be possessed by them if not sponsored by a state.

Australia Investor Visa

Business immigrants are required to invest for 4 years in a designated investment in Australia. They must be less than 45 years of age. Financial requirements must also be satisfied by the applicants to qualify for this visa. They must have personal assets of at least $ 2, 25, 000 AUD net values. It must be for the last two financial years prior to the application.

Immigrant applicants are also required to make an investment of 1, 500, 000 AUD in a designated investment approved by the government.

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