London registers one of Canada’s fastest population growth

London in Canada growth rate

If you want to go to an amazing place in Canada, London could be your choice. The city is known as the Forest City. It has 200 parks and is surrounded by the world’s largest fresh-water lakes. This wonderful city has 2 study centers – Fanshawe College and Western University. The place is only a 2-hour drive to Toronto and Niagara Falls.

The city has been in the news for a new record lately. It has become the second-fastest growing city in Canada. The statistics recently released by Statistics Canada estimate this fact.

More and more people are moving into this city, hiking its rate of population expansion. The population growth rate was 2.3% in 2018-19. This was only second to Kitchener-Waterloo which registered a growth rate of 2.8%.

It’s amazing that the growth rate of London stood above the national average of 1.4%. The population of London’s census metropolitan area (CMA) as of July 2019 is projected at 545,441. This includes Strathroy and St. Thomas. These data indicate that for sure London’s population has now gone beyond past half a million people.

The figures that revealed the population of London was published by Stats Can. They base their reports on data extrapolated from census years, 2016 being the last one. The next census is up in 2021.

How did this happen?

A noticeable factor behind London’s population growth is its success in attracting immigrants. A place that hardly made a spot for itself until recently, London has done well to bring people in.

London’s Fanshawe College and Western University have vigorously recruited students over the years. In the 2016-17 period, less than 10,000 international students had enrolled. The number of students has increased steadily since. The student population has for sure a big role to play in the total population growth.

Another interesting strategy London has applied is its newcomer strategy. There’s a full-time immigration specialist dedicated to getting newcomers to Canada. He ensures that the newcomers consider London as their landing spot. These newcomers are fed with all they need to know via a city website.

The proactiveness shown by the city administration in attracting newcomers has paid off. The boost given by the recent growth of the US economy added to the valuable results. This is due to people returning to London after having once left the place due to recession. Also, London being a manufacturing hub encourages people to move in. Employability is not a big issue.

Besides, London’s real estate is quite affordable compared to even Toronto. London has housing options for aging Baby Boomers. They get enough chance to be busy with local work like raking leaves and shoveling snow.

There’s an interesting trend that seems to be working out in London, people like retirees sell off their housing assets in cities like Toronto and move to London. They find it a much more peaceful place to live and will have enough money to spend. Many housing types in the city looks very conducive for elders. It shows that this situation seems to be present and alive in London.

If you are fond of moving into a serene yet happening spot in Canada, consider London. Chances are, you will thank yourself for the choice.

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