Life in Canada as an international student

Life in Canada as an international student

Study in Canada has become a booming concept now-a-days because of the increasing list of benefits. Post-study work permits, Permanent Residency, etc. what not. That is why everyone is choosing to study in Canada to make their dreams come true.

Canada is a great country for studies as students can communicate with the friendly people of the country and they will also enjoy the diversity.

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How to get study permit?

A student who wants to study in Canada has to get a letter of acceptance from a recognized institution. The consular of the home country will take the interview, or he may go for a police certificate, or he may have to go for a medical exam.

The student has to show various proofs in Canada. He should have at least $10,000 besides tuition fee. The candidate can show the proof of funds through a Canadian bank account, proof of a student loan, proof of scholarship, and many more.

Travel restrictions due to COVID

Students arriving in Canada have to come with a readiness plan for COVID. Fully vaccinated candidates have to be quarantined for 14 days after they arrive in Canada. As COVID travel rules are changing frequently, immigrants have to check Canada COVID travel page regularly.

Eligibility for scholarships or financial support

International students are eligible for financial support and scholarship in Canada. The students need to research for scholarships and then apply for them. Students can also contact the financial aid office of their school to check for funding and scholarships.

Banking in Canada

Banking in Canada can be done easily. There are many banks that provide bank accounts to international students. The staff is friendly, and it helps the stuidents to set up their accounts. The requirements needed for opening a bank account are

  • Study permit or temporary visa
  • Government photo ID
  • Proof of school enrolment

Canadian healthcare

Some provinces give the medical care facilities to the students with the help of provincial health insurance plans. Some students may have to purchase private health insurance plans. Some schools provide health insurance plans to the international students.

Why students want to study in Canada?

There are many reasons that students want to study in Canada, and some of them have been discussed here in detail.

Welcoming environment

Students from different countries come to Canada for their higher studies. The courses help them to choose a proper career and advance towards success. Primary communities that reside in the country are Canadians, Irish, Indians, French, and many more. One thing to be noted is that the progress of Canadian depends on immigrants, and the country invites a huge number of people through different programs to reside in the country.

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Accommodation for international students

International students have to check for the options of accommodation before moving to Canada. The country is considered as a student-friendly destination, and students can avail various accommodation options in the country. Let us take a look at some of the accommodation options.

On-Campus Housing

Students get accommodation in the campus of the educational institution. Residential halls, dormitories, apartments, and townhouses are the accommodation options for the students who want to go for on-campus housing.


Homestays is a very common option, and international students can find different localities where accommodation spaces for such students are available. The rooms will be furnished, and all the facilities and utilities will be available in these accommodation spaces.

Private Rentals

International students can take accommodation spaces for rent. The room can be either personal, or it can be a shared space. A shared room is given to those students who want to divide the rent. At the time of shifting, students have to pay a security amount along with the rent of one month. The food will not be available, and the students will have to pay for their bills and facilities.

Temporary accommodation

If students need an accommodation immediately after arrival, they can go for hotel accommodation. After that, they can search for a suitable accommodation.

Education of high quality

Students come to Canada for high-quality education, which is given to them by the universities of world-class. The government has taken various steps to ensure that the students get the finest education. The Canadian government invests a lot of money in education in comparison to other countries. The tenure of undergraduate degrees is three to four years, while postgraduate degrees have the tenure of one to three years.

Cost of living and education

Students have to spend $15,000 to $30,000 per year to complete their studies and live in the country. Many things are included in this cost like tuition, accommodation, food, leisure, and other expenses. Monthly transport charges can go up to $90, and the monthly cost of availing utilities is $150.

Food and culture

People of Canada welcome international students with love and respect. The Canadians try to blend with the people of other countries. The popular food of Canada includes meat pie and poutine. Students can also try other cuisines available in their locality or city.

Workand study

The universities of Canada offer various degrees to their students. These degrees are recognized globally, and students will get a good occupation in Canada or in any other country of their choice.

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Post Study work opportunities

The country offers post study work opportunities for students after completing their courses. So, they can add an international work experience of nearly 2 years to their resume.


Life for international students in Canada is easy. They can get good accommodation and food. After completing their studies, they can also get great exploration in job opportunities in any part of the world as the degrees are recognized globally.

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