Latest update on US immigration services in world nations

US visa services update issued by Department of State

Here’s an update issued by the Department of Immigration US on US visa services for US immigration at consulates and embassies around the world.


Currently, immigrant visa services are offered on an emergency basis. They are available only at the US embassy and consulates in Brazil. Routine appointments for non-immigrant visas have been suspended.


Few of the non-immigrant non-emergency visa services are back in operation at the US consulates and embassy in Canada. The US consulate general in Montreal is open for appointments for an immigrant visa. Priority is given to applicants who are the immediate relatives of US citizens.


The processing of visa applications for fiancée as well as immigrant visas has come back operational at the US consulate general in Guangzhou. But non-immigrant visa services continue to be suspended at the US embassy in Beijing and US consulates-general in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenyang.


Operations for the non-immigrant routine visa at the US embassy in Bogota continue to be suspended. A limited number of immigrant visa services are available.

Dominican Republic

Immigrant visa services on a limited routine are currently provided at the US embassy in Santa Domingo. Meanwhile, student visa services have also resumed in a limited capacity.


There has been a rise in COVID-19 cases and deaths across India. Hence, all services for US visas at the embassy in New Delhi have been suspended until May 15, 2021. This is applicable also to consulates in Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kolkata. At the consulate in Mumbai, there’s a suspension of services in effect until May 28, 2021.


Immigrant visa services for all categories of visas are provided at the US embassy in Jakarta. This embassy and the consulate general in Surabaya have resumed appointments on a limited scale. This is meant for all categories of non-immigrant visas.


US visa services in Mexico are limited and vary by city. Go to the US DoS website for the latest updates.


Non-immigrant and immigrant visa services on a limited scale are available at the US embassy in Abuja and the consulate general in Lagos.


Some non-immigrant visa services have resumed at the US embassy in Manila. These services include services for:

  • M1 and F1 student visas
  • Certain J visa categories
  • C1/D, O, I, P, and E visas

Services for immigrant visas that are back in operation include the CR1, CR2, IR1, IR2, and EB3 (nurses).


The suspension of routine services for non-immigrant and immigrant visas will continue to be in effect in Russia.


Routine non-immigrant and immigrant visa services have resumed at Thailand’s US embassy and consulate general. Applicants can get US visa renewal done via mail.


Appointments for immigrant visas across every category are currently available at Ukraine’s US embassy. Meanwhile, a limited number of services for non-immigrant visas are also provided, mainly for the crew members of C1/D.

United Kingdom

Emergency visa services can be accessed at the US embassy and consulate in Belfast.


All non-immigrant and immigrant visa services are available at the US embassy in Hanoi as well as at the US consulate general in Ho Chi Minh City.

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