Latest update on rules to travel to Europe to visit Belgium

Rules for Travelling to Belgium During Summer 2021

If you are planning to travel to Europe to visit Belgium, it will be best to get updated on the rules set by the government.

Travelers who are allowed to visit Belgium without quarantine

  • All travelers who are fully vaccinated and are:
    • From EU countries classified as red, orange, and green, and
    • Having taken a vaccine authorized by European Medicines Agency, including:
      • Janssen
      • Pfizer
      • AstraZeneca
      • Moderna
    • The above travelers who can show the certificate of vaccination upon arrival in Belgium
  • Those vaccinated with the CoviShield vaccine
  • Those who can present a certificate of recovery that they have immunity to the COViD-19 virus, with PCR results not older than 180 days
  • Those with a COVID test certificate that indicates that the certificate holder is COVID negative
  • Travelers from the following Green-coded countries:
    • Albania
    • Rwanda
    • Thailand
    • Lebanon
    • United States of America
    • Taiwan (as an entity & territorial authority that isn’t recognized as a state by one member state at the least)
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Jordan
    • Montenegro
    • Australia
    • Singapore
    • Israel
    • Republic of North Macedonia
    • Hongkong Special Administrative Region
    • Armenia
    • Brunei Darussalam
    • Kosovo
    • Qatar
    • New Zealand
    • South Korea
    • Japan
    • Serbia
    • Macau Special Administrative Region
    • Azerbaijan
    • Canada
    • Moldova
    • Saudi Arabia
  • Travelers from the following Orange-coded countries:
    • Ireland
    • Andorra
    • Capital Region of Denmark
    • The Finnish region of Helsinki-Uusimaa
    • The Portuguese region of Azore
    • Luxembourg
    • The Netherlands (except Flevoland, Friesland, Limburg, and Drenthe which are categorized as green regions)
    • The Greek regions of South Aegean, Crete, and Attica
    • The French region of Guadeloupe
    • Monaco
    • Sweden (except Stockholm, East Middle Sweden, West Sweden, Middle Norrland, South Sweden which are considered green regions)
    • The Spanish regions of Melilla, Castilla-La Mancha, and Galicia
    • The Norwegian regions of South-Eastern Norway, Adger, and Trøndelag

Travelers arriving in Belgium from European countries not vaccinated yet have to get tested within the first 48 hours upon arrival. Only in the case when the result is negative, the traveler is exempted from quarantine requirements.

Children under 12 years of age aren’t required to get tested for the COVID-19.

Travelers from red-coded countries outside the EU who got vaccinated and have recovered from the COVID-19 must get a COVID-19 test done on the first or second day of arrival in Belgium. If the result is negative, the traveler has a chance to end the quarantine.

Travelers who aren’t allowed to travel to Europe to visit Belgium

  • Travelers who fail to provide a recovery or vaccination certificate – Will need to undergo a 10-day quarantine as well as a test on days 1 and 7 of the quarantine.
  • Travelers from European countries color-coded as red including:
    • Cyprus
    • French regions of Réunion, Martinique, and French Guiana
    • Spanish regions of:
      • Aragon
      • La Rioja
      • Valencian Community
      • Navarre
      • Extremadura
      • Catalonia
      • Andalusia
      • Asturias
      • Communidad de Madrid
      • Baleares
      • Cantabria
      • Canary Islands
      • Basque Country
      • Castilla y León
      • Murcia
    • Portuguese regions of:
      • North
      • Center (PT)
      • Alentejo
      • Algarve
      • Lisbon Metropolitan Area

A 10-day quarantine is compulsory for travelers arriving from countries with very high-risk countries, no matter what the vaccination status of the traveler is.

Rules to visit Belgium

  • The traveler must fill out the PLF (Passenger Locator Form) 48 hours before arriving in Belgium. However, the following travelers are exempted from the need to fill PLF:
    • Those staying in Belgium for under 48 hours
    • Those traveling to Belgium by boat or plane
    • Those who are returning to a short trip that lasts lesser than 48 hours
    • Those who are traveling by bus or train from a country outside the EU or Schengen Area

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