Latest move from Estonia, opens up Digital Nomad Visa

Estonia digital nomad visa

The DNV (Digital Nomad Visa) permits international citizens in Estonia to work as a freelancer or for an international employer. Estonia is now accepting applications for DNV.

With a DNV, aliens working in jobs independent of location can work remotely in Estonia. The main areas of activity this kind of visa covers are marketing, finance, and technology.

Estonia’s Ministry of Interior had announced before that DNV could be granted for both D-visa (long-term stay) and C-visa (short-term stay).

Those intending to apply for DNV must meet criteria like:

  • The applicant must prove that he/she is a “digital nomad”. This means that you can work from any location and perform duties remotely using telecommunication technology.
  • The applicant has an active work contract with a company registered outside Estonia. The applicant must be its partner shareholder or freelancer for international clients.
  • The applicant must give evidence that his/her income met the minimum threshold during the 6 months leading to the application. Currently, the monthly income threshold (gross of tax) is €3,504.

Estonia’s DNV holders are eligible to travel to other Schengen nations on the same visa legally. The DNV doesn’t require any specific profession, education level, or skill. But it does aim to attract persons to work in Estonia, who will be well-paid.

However, the DNV doesn’t mean that the holder of the visa has a right to obtain citizenship or permanent residency of Estonia. The new DNV only allows temporary stay. This is in contrast to the e-Residency.

Estonia is one of the first countries in the world to establish the DNV.

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