Latest info is out on COVID vaccination certificate for Germany travel

How to obtain a German Digital COVID Vaccine Passport for Travel

The Robert Koch Institute is the German research institute tasked with disease control and prevention in Germany. The Institute has published every necessary information for those who want to get a COVID Vaccination Passport for Germany travel.

The Institute has released a guide that revealed important information regarding the vaccination passport. The guide says that individuals fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 are eligible to get their certificate at a pharmacy. But they must provide proof of vaccination as well as their identification card to be eligible for Germany travel.

As the institute notifies, the federal states implement the issuance of COVID Vaccination Passport. If an individual gets fully vaccinated in a doctor’s office, that doctor has the authority to issue a certificate of vaccination. These certificates are in the form of a unique QR code.

For individuals already been vaccinated against the COVID-19 in vaccination centers of federal states, the code is delivered to them through email or via online portals.

The vaccination passport will be available in digital format to those who download the CovPass app on their smartphone.

The CovPass app saves the information about the vaccination status in the smartphone’s working memory. The app can quickly show whether a person has taken protection from the virus via vaccination. The app doesn’t reveal any other information except details like the holder’s status of vaccination, date of birth, name, and surname. This is applicable to those going on Germany travel.

As per plans, the app could be used to check evidence of recovery from the COVID-19 and proof of a test result in the negative.

The CovPass will be used as a supplement to the yellow vaccination certificate. With it, anybody can prove their status of COVID-19 vaccination by taking a print of the vaccination certificate or the yellow vaccination certificate. The CovPass can be used completely on a voluntary basis.

The EU has introduced the EU COVID-19 Vaccination Passport. The aim of this move is the restoration of the freedom of travel within the EU block. With such a document, travel restrictions such as quarantine, entry bans, and testing requirements will be abolished for Germany travel as well.

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