Largest immigrant group in Australia are Britons

Largest immigrant group in Australia are Britons

A report of 2015 of the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that around seven million people who are currently residing in Australia were not born outside of it.

This number comprises about 26.8 percent of the Australia’s resident population. It also estimated that by the year 2050 one-third of Australian nationals would not have been born in the county.

The reason Australia attracts so many people from all over the globe is that it is one of the most developed countries in the world. Superb educational institutions, healthcare of the best quality and a quality of life that ranks with the best are the other reasons that this country appeals to so many. With English being the native language, migrants from the poor as well as developed nations find it convenient to live in Oz.

Insider Monkey says that though Canada and Australia are the most popular immigrant destinations currently, Australia has an edge over its North American counterpart because people in his country can access New Zealand as well and look for opportunities in the neighbouring country too. With public education and health care services being minimally priced or freely available in Australia and being the only major developed nation not to have witnessed a recession in 26 years, jobs with decent earnings are on offer for people working in sectors especially like construction, engineering, IT and healthcare.

The OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) had also gone on record to report that the country in the Southern Hemisphere is one of the largest with the biggest proportion of residents being born outside it at 27.6 percent as recorded in 2013.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that the three countries from where most immigrants arrive in it as per ranking are Britain, New Zealand and China. Indians, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Italians, South Africans, Malaysians and Germans are the next seven largest immigrant groups in the land Down Under.

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