Know about the latest VETASSESS update for PhD students in Australia

Know about the latest VETASSESS update for PhD students in Australia

VETASSESS recently announced changes to its skill assessment criteria. The latest update will affect a lot of PhD students studying in Australia and abroad.

When applying for an Australian PR, it is necessary to get your education and work experience assessed. This is a mandatory requirement under the points-tested migration system. Skill Assessment is also required for employer-sponsored, temporary graduate, and graduate migrant visas.

VETASSESS is the skill assessing authority of a large variety of occupations. Occupations classified under General occupations and Trade Occupations generally come under its purview.

VETASSESS will no longer accept a stipend or full scholarship as work experience. This change is effective from 15th December 2018, as per SBS News.

For skill assessment from VETASSESS, applicants need to have at least 1-year work experience. For PhD students, the stipend work experience was also counted. However, that will no longer be applicable.

Applicants which have been lodged prior to 15th December will be assessed as per old rules.

How will it affect PhD students?

PhD students will be required to gain 1-year experience after completing their PhD to be eligible for skill assessment under VETASSESS. The 1-year work experience may be obtained in Australia or overseas.

How can PhD students gain work experience in Australia?

PhD students in Australia can apply for a Subclass 485 (Temporary Graduate) Visa. They may be able to apply under its Post-Study Work Stream. This Visa allows international students who have completed at least a 2-year course in Australia to live and work in the country.

PhD graduates may be able to obtain the Subclass 485 visa with a validity of 18 months to 4 years. The duration of the visa depends on when they started studying in Australia.

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