Do you know the jobs that can get you Australia’s PR?

Australia PR

Australia runs one of the largest immigration programs of the world with an annual quota of 190,000 for permanent migrants. Nearly 70% of the quota is reserved for skilled migrants who bring in some of the most in-demand skills to Australia. Australia issues around 128,000 PR Visas to skilled migrants every year.

Nurses, secondary school teachers, electricians, metal fitters, motor mechanics, carpenters and joiners are some of the most in-demand jobs in 2018.

According to SBS, Australia has reserved 17,300 places for nurses under the Subclass 189 for 2018-19. However, only 411 nurses have received invitations to apply for a visa till September 11, 2018.

The quota for electricians for the year 2018-19 is 9303, and for secondary school teachers, it is 8480. Carpenters and joiners have a quota of 8372 while metal fitters and machinists have a quota of 6979. Motor mechanics have a quota of 6099 this year.

Till date, however, only 15 electricians and 115 secondary school teachers have received an invitation. 10 motor mechanics, 6 carpenters and joiners, and only 3 metal fitters have received an invitation to apply for a visa.

There is great demand for certain occupations in Australia; however, not many people meet the eligibility criteria. India is one of the countries which is fueling Australia’s migration intake. However, Indians who are engaged in such occupations do not possess the required English proficiency or qualification thereby rendering them ineligible for Australia’s PR.

David Littleproud, Agriculture Minister, told SBS that Agriculture in Australia has a huge shortage of labor. Also, there is a massive skill shortage in Australia’s regional and rural areas.

In contrast, there are certain occupations like Accountants and Software Programmers that attract a high number of applicants. The quota for Software Programmers this year is 7200 and already 1231 invitations have been issued.

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