Know how international students are earning more in Canada

Immigrants are earning more in Canada

Immigrants who have studied in Canada have the option to earn more money in their first two years in comparison to the immigrants who have studied in their home or other countries and come to Canada to earn. This data has been suggested through a report.


  • Immigrants taking courses in Canada earn more
  • People having Canadian work experience also earn more
  • Economic immigrants share rose to 38% in 2019 from 6% in 2000.

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More reports about the Canadian experience

As per the recent survey, immigrants who study in Canada for two to three years have the earnings of around 37% or more than the Canadian students who studied in Canada for one to two years. Students who work while studying also get the experience of any of these two languages which can be either French or English.

The report says that this is the reason that immigrants who study in Canada earn more as the Canadian employers employ the people having good grasp of language skills and excellent work experience.

It has been estimated that more than 58,000 post-secondary education programs have been released in 2019 for the immigrants. The report of 2020 showed that the gap of earning between

Points evaluation system

There is also a points evaluation system for economic immigrants. In this system, applicants have the option of earning recognition for the French or English language, and they can also earn Canadian work experience. Young immigrants can also earn points if they get an employment in advance.

Reduction in the gap of earning between international and Canadian students

A report of 2020 has stated that the gap of earnings between Canadian and the international students has started reducing.

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