Jobs in Germany that pays the most in 2021

Germany's highest paying jobs

2021 is going to be a year full of hopes as the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a new direction, with vaccines starting to come to the rescue. The hopes to finally go back to fulfilling your career dreams in a developed country like Germany.

Here’s why Germany is a great spot to go for. The pace of industrialization that Germany has is expected to generate an acute shortage of skilled workers. International workers who are professionally qualified can take advantage of this situation.

Also, the diversification and global presence of German businesses is the reason why the country needs so much of manpower that can lift the German quality high at every instance in every business.

A Germany work visa is not only a recognition to your skillset but also an opportunity to be part of an industrial culture that is renowned for quality that puts that world at awe. If you are the professional German companies are seeking, they are there to hire you into the many positions that only qualified and skilled people can fill.

We want to motivate you to explore the German job scene for your great future. So, here we bring you information on few of the highest paying jobs of 2021 that you could end up in with a Germany employment visa.

Healthcare professionals

With more people becoming more consistently aware and dedicated to health and well-being, the demand for healthcare professionals have risen very rapidly.

Qualification needed – Masters in Medicine/Medicinal industry

Average annual salary– €58,000

IT & Data Science experts

You don’t need to be lectured about the importance of information technology in the today’s world and how internet is the hub of marketing. From brand creation to value-building to service providing, IT & Data Science becomes an essential component for most of the businesses of various types out there. Obviously, it catapults the demand for skilled IT professionals.

Qualification needed – Masters in Computer Science/Data Science

Average annual salary – €47,000

Sales Experts and Managers

Who could ever undermine the importance of a skilled marketing professional in an economy that witnesses rapid growth in sales and retail business? Such development happens especially with the advent of new businesses and business models need professionals to drive its demand and sales through effective marketing strategy.

Qualification needed – Masters in Sales and Management

Average annual salary – €116,000

Engineering industry professionals

German engineering has so less to prove when it comes to world-class quality and superiority. So, it’s obvious that skilled professionals who work in every level and aspect of the engineering industry are vital to the industry.

Qualification needed – Masters in Electrical/Hydro/Mechanical and other engineering fields

Average annual salary – €46,000


As Germany is focusing intently on education for the sake of a bright future generation, it needs well-qualified, skilled teachers to realize this goal for them. This could be where educationists like you could step in to meet this particular demand.

Qualification needed – Masters in Education

Average annual salary – €40,000

Tourism and hospitality professionals

Hard to imagine Germany as a tourist spot? You would be surprised how much Germany invests and cares for its tourism industry as the country boasts some historical features and locations for the world to visit. And the hospitality is kept top-notch too, thanks to the tourism and hospitality professionals the country hires.

Qualification needed – Masters in Tourism/hospitality

Average annual salary – €25,000

So, how does Germany migration sound to you now as a sought-after professional yourself? Explore your opportunities in Germany and get on with a plan to move to Germany.

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