Job openings to work in USA rises to record levels in April 2021

U.S. job openings hit record in April

It’s great news for the US that employers in the US registered a record 9.3 million job vacancies in April 2021. This coincides with the reopening of the US economy, which is happening at a tremendous pace.

The number of job openings increased 12% from 8.3 million in March 2021.

However, US employers hired only 6.1 million workers to work in USA. This means the count is up just 1% from March 2021, as revealed by a Labor Department report on Tuesday. This suggests that jobs are reopening at a greater speed than firms can find the manpower to fill them.

The biggest increase in job openings happened in the case of hotels and restaurants. They reopened after a while when they were closed or their working hours were curbed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Also, there was a rise of 11% when it came to the number of Americans leaving their jobs. In numbers, this comes close to 4 million in April 2021. By far, this is the highest figure recorded, if we go back as far as to the year 2000.

The US Department of Labor issued a report that the US economy created 559,000 new jobs in May 2021. The rate of unemployment decreased from 6.1% in April 2021 to 5.8%. The US is still short of 7.6 million jobs compared to the position the country had in February 2020.

Indeed, opportunities to work in USA for foreign nationals could see a remarkable increase in the days to come.

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