IT specialist journey from Australia to Brampton, Canada

IT specialist journey from Australia to Brampton, Canada (1)

Never dreamed of being in Canada! 

For many the world over, Canada is the place to migrate to. Until I reached Australia and worked there, I had never thought of moving to Canada. After completing my bachelors’ degree in

computer science, I relocated to Australia to pursue my master’s.

After completing my master’s, I landed a job as an IT specialist. I also managed to get a certification from Microsoft during that time.

Experience matters 

While working in Adelaide, I began keeping tabs on what was happening in Canada. If you know the immigration process, you will land in the right place with a visa.

I managed to get pretty decent knowledge of how to migrate to Canada. Despite that, I didn’t have it in me to go it all by myself. I would keep reading about Express Entry, the most popular pathway for Canadian immigration.

I got to know that to qualify for Canadian immigration, I would need to get 67 points as per the eligibility calculation to apply as a skilled migrant worker through the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) of the federal government of Canada through its Express Entry system.

 Express Entry is the quickest immigration program 

As applications through the Express Entry system are processed within six months, it is the fastest immigration program for any country!

Under Express Entry, there are three different immigration programs. But specific eligibility is a must for two. Talent in a particular trade is required to apply through the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), while the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is issued only to those with previous and recent work experience in Canada.

Since I had none of the qualifications for those mentioned in the above two, I had to apply through the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) Express Entry program.

Professional assistance always helps

I contacted Y-Axis by dialing their office number in Melbourne. The consultants there took time to explain the whole process clearly, even during the free counseling. Later, they assessed my profile as per the specific requirements of Canada.

Modifying resume as per international standards 

 When I approached Y-Axis with what I thought was a well-made resume by mailing it to them, they did not say anything but suggested that I fine-tune it further to meet the international professional standards. So, a Y-Axis professional worked on my resume to make it as first-rate as possible.

I am telling you, having an international resume makes a huge difference. Underestimate its importance at your own peril. Every little thing counts when you set about the task of preparing a complete immigration package.

Scouring for a job in Canada from Australia 

In order to ensure that I land a job, I sent my resume to 20 employers. Here, the official employment portal of the government of Canada, Job Bank, came to my rescue in a big way.

 It details every job profile by providing the responsibilities an aspiring employee has to carry out in a specific position, the expected income [in the entire country, besides in each of the ten provinces specifically], the trends for jobs and their prospects, etc.

It gave me a fairly decent idea of what I could expect when employed in these jobs at different locations in Canada. It is much needed for migrant workers who can then plan and draw a road map for any occupation in the Canadian immigration process.

Waiting for an invitation

It would take the longest time of all. After you have submitted a completed application for a permanent residence in Canada, waiting for an invitation from the Canadian immigration authorities to be formally able to apply for it seems to take a disproportionately long time.

Do, however, remember that the wait is worth it. Some months later, I got an invitation to apply (ITA) from IRCC. Following that, I submitted my PR application for Canada. I had by then received my documentation together and had already started preparing an application. The ball was now in the court of the Canadian authorities as I had completed my set of tasks.


I am beginning to settle down. It is a new job and in a new country with strange faces all around. That said, it’s easier for a migrant to get acclimatized to Canada than any other migrant elsewhere in the world. To top it off, I can communicate in English as it is the official language of this migrant-friendly country. What’s more, in big cities like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, you will come across many Indians.

It is also easy to make new friends in this country, where the quality of living is among the best in the world. In addition, there are numerous job opportunities, world-class educational institutions, and peaceful neighborhoods, among others.

For skilled international workers who are looking to migrate to Canada, the Express Entry program is one of the best for acquiring permanent residence in this North American country, which ranks high globally in political stability, diplomatic relations, etc.

If you are currently in Australia and want to migrate to Canada, contact Y-Axis, the leading migration consultant in Australia.

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