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Posted on March 04 2022

IRCC extends the Interim Authorization to Work policy for one more year

By Editor
Updated October 27 2023
Canada has given some relief to the eligible Temporary Resident Visa holders till February 2023. These visa holders can apply for the work permit if they have a job offer without leaving the country. The pandemic measures have been taken up in August 2020, and now it has got an extension till February 28, 2023. This public policy has allowed TRV holders to apply for work permits. It has also allowed eligible visitors to work in Canada even if they do not have received any work permit. This change has been done temporarily. In normal conditions, TRV holders are not allowed to change their status until they leave the country. Highlights
  • TRV holders can apply for the work permit
  • Eligible visitors can work even if they do not have received the work permit.
  • The change has been made temporarily

Eligibility criteria for TRV

  • Applications for the work permit must be submitted before February 28, 2023
  • The work permit application has to be submitted through any one of the following.
    • Application to change conditions
    • Extend my stay or Remain in Canada as a worker.
*Check your eligibility in Canada through Canada Immigration Points Calculator.

Condition before the pandemic and now

When there was no pandemic, TRV holders were not allowed to apply for the work permit if they were living in Canada. The TRV visa holders have to be in Canada and submit the work permit application to the visa office of their home country. On the approval of the visa permit, the candidates have to leave Canada and come again to make the work permit effective. Due to COVID-19, people are not allowed to leave Canada and return back for the activation of the work permit. So in August 2020, IRCC permitted the TRV holders to apply for the work permit to IRCC while living in Canada. Though TRV holders can apply for the work permit, they are not allowed to work until the approval of the work permit. The approval time was 132 days which was a long time. To reduce the time, IRCC introduced Interim Authorization to Work. In this authorization, if a candidate meets the eligibility criteria, there are chances that he will get authorization while the work permit application is in process. The aim of this authorization is to helo the candidates to work if they have any employer-specific job offer in Canada. Are you looking to work in Canada? Talk to Y-Axis Australia, the leading migration consultant agency in Australia. If you found this blog engaging, you may also like … Quebec Arrima draw invited 306 candidates


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