Innovative approach is needed for better management of skilled Australia visas

Innovative approach is needed for better management of skilled Australia visas

The Department of Immigration in Australia and Mr. Dutton has been flooded with grievances from the diverse industries in Australia regarding the drastic adverse effects of elimination of 547 visas. These sectors include even Government organizations, hospitality, retail, mining, research, science, and technology.

Diverse stakeholders in these sectors acting fast to conduct discussions at the highest level, hold surveys and draw evidence at the earliest regarding the unavailability and inability of local Australians to be employed in several skilled jobs. They also intend to assess the impact of the removal of 200 jobs from the skilled list on the economy of Australia, quotes Macrobusiness.

Jenny Lambert the Australian Chamber’s Director of Training and Employment is assisting more than sixty clusters of diverse industries to come up with the response to the fallout of abolition of 457 visas. Catering, restaurant and university sectors are amongst the most affected, said Jenny Lambert.

The procedure for deciding the eligible applicants for the 457 visas is that the jobs must be included in the list of Consolidated Sponsored Occupations. This does not mandate that the job must be demanded in the labor market in Australia. The list has more than 600 professions and need not to necessarily be scarce in Australia.  The requirement is that an Australian firm nominates an overseas immigrant worker to be employed in one of the jobs included in the list.

The need of the hour in Australia is that the diverse stakeholders in the immigration and labor sectors shape an innovative approach for managing the skilled visas of the nation.

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