Indian-origin scientist amongst recipients of Queen’s Birthday Honors in Australia for 2017

Indian-origin scientist amongst recipients of Queen’s Birthday Honors in Australia for 2017

Australia’s recipients of Queens Birthday Honors for 2017 include an Indian-origin scientist who is working towards developing cancer treatment drugs, Lebanon-origin Muslim professor who has worked in strengthening areas of remote and rural medical education and an Italy-origin immigrant who has built a culturally focused elderly care program.

Indigenous, multi-ethnic and diverse services are awarded the Queen’s Birthday Honors in Australia.

Officer of the Order of Australia Medal has been awarded to Indian-origin Professor Rajiv Khanna for his commendable work in the field of medicine, especially in contributing to the development of immune therapies at the cellular level. Professor Khanna said that it was an honor for him and his team to be recognized by the non-scientific community. He is working on a latest alternative treatment for cancer which he says that is safer, as quoted by SBS.

Professor Rajiv Khanna said that his hard work is a reflection of the fact that education is highly valued by the Indian community. He said that education is given utmost priority by Indian parents who desire that their children become an engineer, doctor or highly educated in any good stream.

The recipient of the Queen’s Birthday Honors said that the highly educated Indian nationals have contributed immensely to the community in Australia, be it the medical field or the engineering sector. He said that it was a matter of pride and honor to be a part of the rich Indian heritage.

Lebanon-origin Professor Mohamed Khadra who grew up in Sydney was born in West Africa’s Ghana. He has been awarded the medal for Officer of the Order of Australia for the betterment of the numbers of doctors in rural localities of Australia.

Italy-origin immigrant Giuseppe Pino Migliorino has been nominated as the Order of Australia member for his work in the improvement of the Italian community in Australia.

Among the other notable awardees include Deborah Mailman the aboriginal actor, Cate Blanchett the winner of Oscars, Dr. Jamal Rifi the Muslim advocate and Michael Ebeid the CEO and Managing Director of SBS.

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