Increase in overseas students chiefly at 4 major Australian Universities

Increase in overseas students chiefly at 4 major Australian Universities

Increase in overseas students has been chiefly at 4 major Australian Universities as per the latest statistics revealed by the Department of Education and Training. Higher education sector surpassed the gross level of enrolments at the undergraduate level by exceeding the high-water mark of 214, 000 enrolments of 2010. It reached 218, 000 enrolments for the year 2016.

The engine rooms of growth were the Post-graduate programs at 4 of the 8 Australian Universities– NSW, Sydney, Monash, and Melbourne. These added more than 7000 enrolments for Post-graduate programs in a year. It was an increase of 20%.

These 4 universities increased their enrolments at Post-graduate level substantially. It was more than the combined enrolments at the rest of higher education providers and universities in NSW and Victoria. These two added 4500 enrolments with an increase of 8%, as quoted by the Australian.

Higher education providers in Territories and States added just 5600 enrolments for both Undergraduate and Post-graduate programs. This was excluding NSW and Victoria.

A remarkable 15% increase in overseas enrolments was registered by South Australia in one year. This was driven substantially by the performance of Torrens University the newest university in Australia. Adelaide based Torrens University enrolments contribute majorly towards the total figures of South Australia. However, a major portion of these is at the 9 campuses based outside the State.

The boom in overseas higher education has not been witnessed by Western Australia and Queensland. They recorded a meager growth for 2015-16. The real growth in the overseas education sector has been propelled by NSW and Victoria particularly.

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