Immigration policies that accentuate the population growth are needed by South Australia

Immigration policies that accentuate the population growth are needed by South Australia

At a time when Melbourne and Sydney are facing infrastructure issues owing to a huge increase in their population and immigration inflows, the population of South Australia has receded steeply and its growth rate is at snails’ pace.

South Australia needs increased growth of working population and any policies that make it tough for the firms to attract immigrants that are required for growth of the economy are a matter of concern.

Businesses have no other option but to hire skilled overseas immigrants in a scenario wherein it is not possible to hire local workers for skilled jobs, quotes Adelaide Now.

The native population and cities of South Australia have an aging population and the population of the towns is also low. Thus the need of the hour is to have a practical immigration program that not only caters to the skills shortages in the labor market but also creates new job opportunities.

The Australian government has stated that the recent changes to the immigration policies will not adversely influence businesses that are facing valid skill scarcity.

One can look forward that this proves to be true as the initiatives to update the list of occupations is a welcome step only if it is a true reflection of the skills shortages. Fresh arrivals of immigrants will only assist businesses to create new job opportunities.

The popular conception that increased population implies lesser jobs is not validated by the statistics of cities where the population is increasing. Every new resident of South Australia will need a new house, retail space of 1.5 square meters, at least 15 square meters of space for work, cars, insurance, clothing, and food.

The implication of all this is that there will be new jobs. Teaching jobs, jobs in hospitality, retail, construction and the list is long. There will be more jobs for everyone to look forward to.

In fact organization such as the Study Adelaide contend that offering special incentives for immigrants who arrive at South Australia will only ensure that immigrants will at least consider South Australia for their immigration plans.

In order to prosper what South Australia needs is population growth as well as attracting, growing and maintaining businesses. The livability factor in South Australia is quite right and what is needed is an immigration program that promotes more people to live in the region.

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