Immigration hasn’t stopped in Canada for businessmen as immigrants

Business travellers can still come to Canada during COVID

Businessmen who are traveling to Canada these days are welcomed under different Canada immigration pathways the country offers them. In 2020, 140 business people under the Start-up visa program came to Canada and got their Canada PR in the first half of that year.

It’s been identified that not only businesspeople who are coming to Canada to start a business but also those who are aiming at obtaining a Canada PR visa via Canada’s economic immigration programs are traveling to the country.

These potential entrepreneurs are expected to provide critical economic services, infrastructure support, supply chains, and much more. Canada needs them essentially as it still battles the COVID-19 pandemic. The travel restrictions imposed by Canada to prevent the pandemic have not stopped participants of economic immigration programs. 65,830 foreigners under various economic immigration programs have obtained Canada permanent visa in the first half of 2020 itself.

Regardless of the country the immigrant is from, Canada is allowing all asymptomatic people to enter the country.  However, the compulsory 14-day quarantine is applicable to all of them after they arrive in Canada.

Any foreigner arriving from a country other than the US is required to have a negative result from a COVID-19 test taken prior to boarding their flights. The test must have been taken within 72 hours prior to boarding their flight. Then they will be eligible for an exemption from travel restriction. The exemptions are granted to:

  • Selected international students
  • TFWs
  • Immediate family members with authorization in writing from IRCC to reunite with a temporary resident in Canada
  • Selected people with approval to become a PR in Canada, but are not yet become one
  • Members of the Canadian forces, visiting forces arriving in Canada to perform official duties, Department of National Defence and their immediate family members
  • Transiting passengers
  • Accredited diplomats and their immediate family members
  • French citizens living in Saint-Pierre & Miquelon and have been in only the US, Canada, or Saint-Pierre & Miquelon during the 14 days prior to the day they sought entry into Canada
  • Members of air and marine crew
  • Anybody whose being in Canada has been identified as being in the national interest, as opined by the minister of foreign affairs or Immigration, Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness.
  • Anybody who doesn’t pose a significant threat to public health as opined by Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, and the ones who will render an essential service while in Canada

It’s mandatory from February 22, 2021, that any traveler arriving from any country in Canada has to take a COVID-19 test and stay in a hotel approved by the Canadian government for 3 days. The cost for the stay will be paid by the traveler. The period of stay will serve as their waiting time to get the COVID test results.

People coming by land from the USA also are subject to the COVID test as of February 15, 2021. Business travelers arriving from the US during the COVID-19 pandemic must show the official at the border that they will satisfy the needs listed in the list of essential services and workers prepared by Public Safety Canada.

The list includes the following:

  • Healthcare workers who give care directly viz. nurses, physicians, and dentists
  • Personnel at hospital and laboratory
  • People who work in other medical facilities
  • Technicians, manufacturers, warehouse operators, and logistics as well as medical equipment distributors or people offering services in medical cleaning
  • Public health workers
  • People who manage billing, health information, and health plans, who can’t work remotely
  • Workers who perform cybersecurity functions at public health and healthcare facilities
  • Incident management, emergency operations, and security functions at or for healthcare entities

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