Immigration department of Australia moves ahead with digital transformation

Immigration department of Australia moves ahead with digital transformation

The Australian Immigration department is moving ahead with its wide-ranging technology-driven transformations that are changing the traveling experience of the travelers amidst other agencies struggling to adopt the changes of innovative technology.

Though the travelers commuting through the airports in Australia might not notice the transformation, the head of the technology in immigration department has said that the efforts to transform business are being coupled with adopting digital programs. It is implementing innovative technology even while other government agencies are struggling with IT related issues.

Chief Information Officer of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection Randall Brugeaud was reported as saying that the agency leaders are increasing their efforts to accentuate the technology innovations. He added that the innovations of technology are required to be motivated by the executive actions to succeed.

With a growing annual business of 4-6%, the immigration department is launching automation at customs doing away with staff. More than 80% of the travelers in the Christmas season were processed with the aid of automation, devoid of any human interaction.

Mr. Brugeaud further elaborated that the immigration department would become virtually invisible in some cases to travelers and corporate not breaching the law.

Immigration is leaping ahead to the next levels of innovation in digital technology that involves the transformation of infrastructure as also building the web-site.

Centrelink is in a mess owing to the robot-debt, which is an automated system to collate information possessed by the Taxation Office of Australia and Immigration department in estimating overpayments.

ATO is also scrambled in desperate efforts to save the tax return initiative from being affected by the disastrous online crash prior to Christmas and has given up most of its IT initiatives for this year.

The sweeping technological innovations adopted by immigration department brought about changes in work culture though all of the staff failed to adapt to the changes.

It is a true challenge for people to adapt to cultural changes, said Mr. Brugeaud. Employees who had been all the while accustomed to carrying single function might have been demanded to become multi-discipline functional. He added that it was a tough challenge to deal with and was not possible for everyone to do so.

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