Immigrants make Australia a better place

Immigrants – legal and illegal are subjects that have garnered much limelight in the Australian politics in the past 10 years. The debate focuses on diverse and several aspects related to immigration. This includes the net immigration intake levels per year, the nationalities that must be accepted and those that must be not.

Pro-immigration advocates are very clear that there is s clause for this support. It is that the immigrants must possess the will to integrate into Australian society and make it their new home.

The immigrants that arrive in Australia are required to adapt to the nation. It is never the other way round, as quoted by the Perth Now.

In the present times, the political accuracy seems to have gone haywire. It is nevertheless important to ensure that Australia continues to welcome the skilled and worthy overseas immigrants.

Nevertheless, it is also crucial that the identity of Australia is retained in the process. Positive and negative aspects are universal to any culture. It needs to be ensured that individuals, who are good, possess integrity and worth ethics that are strong are accepted by Australia.

Australia has infinite examples of immigrants who arrived here assimilated in this land and transformed to Australian identity. They changed to suit to this new home, the beautiful nation called Australia. Nevertheless, retaining their cultural identity and norms, they have added to the richness and diversity of the nation.

Australia did not change for them.

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