Immigrants asked to comply with principles of ‘fair-go’ to keep Australia safe

Immigrants asked to comply with principles of ‘fair-go’ to keep Australia safe

Immigrants in Australia have been cautioned that behaviors and practices that challenge the sense of ‘fair-go’ and Australian values will not be permitted in Australia, as per the statement of the Government of Australia.

The statement has made a note of the reasonable concerns that have been triggered owing to the acts of terrorism across the world. The statement has been titled as ‘Multicultural Australia- Successful, Strong and united’, quotes SMH.

The Immigration Minister of Australia Peter Dutton said that he wasn’t offended by the act of removal of a signboard that featured girls with hijabs and asked the people to not to give up their beliefs.

The statement also specifies freedom, equality, and respect as shared values of Australia and says that gaining knowledge of English language was a crucial mode of assimilation of immigrants in Australian society.

Senator Zed Seselja said that immigrants complying with the fair-go will help to keep the nation secure.

The diverse foreign languages that are spoken by immigrants in Australia also facilitate the nation to build innovation and global business links.

The statement recognizes the equality of men and women and respect for rule of law as the core Australian values.

Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull said that the nation is not defined by culture, religion or race but by common values of equality of opportunity, rule of law, democracy and freedom, termed as ‘fair-go’. Australia’s commitment to freedom was fundamental said the statement.

Freedom of speech thought religion, association, and enterprise are supported by Australia while behaviors and practices that defy these values are unacceptable. Compliance with the shared values of Australia is the best way to keep the nation safe, elaborated the statement.

Very significantly, the recent terrorist attacks across the world were noted in the statement and it says that the border safety policies of the government including stern measures to return refugees arriving through boats as well as the detention of refugees at Manus and Nauru islands assist in keeping Australia safe.

Reacting on the diverse acts of terrorist attacks across the globe, the statement says that the government counters these threats through strong national security, border security and continued investment in anti-terrorism measures. It is to ensure that the society of Australia remains safe, free, inclusive and open.

The statement also says that the government of Australia does not compromise on unity or shared values in the context of the threats but asserts that safety of Australia is kept up by focusing on unity and catering to differences through reciprocal reverence.

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