Immigrant millionaires across the world prefer Australia as the top destination

Immigrant millionaires across the world prefer Australia as the top destination

Australia has emerged as the top destination for millionaire immigrants across the world. The millionaires across the globe are on a move and the destination where a majority of them would like to settle is Australia.

The annual report published by the research company based in South Australia, New World Wealth reveals the trends for global wealth immigration and global wealth for the year 2016.

The fourth yearly global wealth immigration study was collated based on statistics for investor visa programs, sales statistics and property registers in each nation along with feedback from 800 individuals with high net worth or those whose assets were equal to or exceeded 1 million US dollars. It would be advisable to avail services of a registered migration agent Melbourne if you are also one among the prospective investors inclined to immigrate to Australia.

The report reveals that the immigration of global wealth is accentuating with around 82,000 millionaires or individuals with high net worth immigrating in 2016 as compared to the 64,000 millionaires in 2015.

Australia has emerged as the favored destination for global millionaire investors for the second consecutive year surpassing conventional destinations such as the UK or the US.

The numbers of millionaires who immigrated in 2016 to Australia stood at 11,000 while compared to the 10,000 millionaires who immigrated to the US and 3,000 millionaires who moved to the UK. It will be advisable to avail services from an expert and skilled Registered Migration agent or RMA Australia for processing your investor visa to the top investor destination in the world, Australia.

The most favored global destinations for millionaire immigrants in 2016 were as follows:

  1. Australia with 11,000 immigrant millionaires
  2. The US with 10,000 immigrant millionaires
  3. Canada with 8,000 immigrant millionaires
  4. UAE with 5,000 immigrant millionaires
  5. New Zealand with 4,000 immigrant millionaires

The report from the New World Wealth says that there are diverse reasons for Australia emerging as the popular and chosen destination for immigrant millionaires across the world.

One of the best healthcare systems in the world is present in Australia. On the other hand, the NHS in the UK is worsening and the mandatory insurance for healthcare in the US has not turned out to be appropriate for the middle class and affluent patients.

The location of Australia also makes it an excellent base destination for business ventures in the emerging nations of Asia such as India, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Korea and Hong Kong. Workabroad Australia is also preferred by immigrants across the world.

Australia is also relatively devoid of the Middle East crisis and the associated crisis of refugees in Europe. New World Wealth has also rated Australia as the safest nation in the world. It is specifically safe for the upbringing of children.

Australia is also a good destination for affluent and retired yacht proprietors who intend to sail across the islands in South Pacific. Inheritance taxes in Australia are lower than that of the US and in fact much lower than that of the UK.

It has also been reported by New World Wealth that the excellent economic growth of Australia in the last ten years has definitely impacted the business prospects and self-assurance.

In the last decade, Australia’s total wealth has witnessed an increase of 85% while compared to the US’s growth of 30% and the UK’s growth of 28%.

New World Wealth also reveals in its report that the average Australian citizen is crucially more affluent than the average citizen of the UK or the US, something that was not true last ten years ago. The climate of Australia is also one of the key factors for facilitating it to emerge as the preferred investor destination as its climate is very hot when compared specifically with the UK.

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